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 I have a bump on my head and some swollen glands on my neck none of them move and are very painful.?
Does anyone have any idea of what it might be?
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It doesnt have pus nor can does it have any color or anything like that. It id very stiff but hurts and doesnt allow me ...

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 How do people die of cancer?
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 Does ultra sound show up cancers?
I recently had an ultra sound examination. Can cancer show up on this examination?
The doctor said that I had fatty tissues attached to my liver only(my torso and organs were thoroughly checked)....

 I have just finnished my first chemo 2 weeks ago and my hair fell off. I was so devastated ?
When will it grow back again ? How long for my entire head to grow again ?...

 Lump in breast?
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 Why does red wine help prevent cancer?
Some in depth facts would be great!

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 When should I get a colonoscopy?
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 Are poeple aware that there is cure for terminal cancers?
Dr Holts radiowave treatment institute has been treating patients with terminal cancer for years and are still alive to tell the tale, after otherwise been given only months to live.
His ...

 Mother has liver cancer?
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 What does cancer feel like?

 Can you get cancer from using the microwave?

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 Don't you hate it when you take a shower, and then you take a dump?
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 How can you get breast cancer?
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 Payment help for meds for cancer?
I just found out my mother has cancer . My parents do not have the money to pay for there meds and the insurance has been maxed out .
I need to find other avenues to help ...

 Brain Tumor...if anyone can translate this for me, I am impatient waiting for appt with a neurologist...?
And I have medicaid so I may have to travel pretty far to see one. So if anyone out there has any experience with neurology and or oncology, your opinion would be appreciated: This study was ...

♣79 T/A ♣
What is this lump on the back of my left leg?
it hurts if i push on it,but it's not red or nothing.It feels like there's a marble under my skin.Could it be cancer or a tumor or something? I mean does a tumor or cancer hurt? Maybe a blood clot it's scaring me,all advice is welcome.Thanks so much.I'm older to,i'm quite old and i'm a man.

its a blood clot more than likely. you have to go to a doc immediatly! u can have a heart attack with that going on

If the lump is behind the knee, it could be a lymph node (you have nodes called popliteal lymph nodes there) or it could be a Baker's Cyst, though Baker's Cysts often cause some discomfort. Enlarged lymph nodes or masses from lymphoma USUALLY don't hurt and feel somewhat rubbery under the skin. There are also relatively common benign tumors called lipomas that can often present like what you're describing. These are usually harmless.

The smart thing to do is check with a doctor. It sounds like something simple like a cyst or perhaps a lipoma, but it is better to let a doctor decide that. It would be impossible for even a doctor to tell you what it is over the internet.

It doesn't have to be cancer or a tumor, it could be a cyst, at any rate you need to make a doctor's appointment and have it checked out.

It doesn't matter if it hurts, doesn't hurt--SEE A DOCTOR!!!!!!!!

If something is on your body that isn't suppose to be there or was never there before--then it should not be there! Please don't take ANY chances...

I'm not trying to scare you, but you should see your doctor ASAP. it might be serious

Only a Dr can give you a diagnosis, and only after taking a medical history and giving you an examination.

There are lots of possibilities, some relatively harmless, some requiring urgent treatment.

See a Dr and find out.

Could be a clot. See the doctor asap.

I would recommend you going into the doctor. My dad had lymphoma two years ago by finding a lump on his arm. (Hes in recession now =])

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