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 What do you say to a friend just diagnosed with cancer?
A good friend of mine was just diagnosed with Stage 2 Hodgkins Lymphoma. She's only 20. I feel like "I'm sorry" just isn't enough. What can I do, or say?

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to help the people in need and help save the lives of people at ...

 My dad had cancer and he gets kemo every 3 weeks and after his kemo all he does is sleep, is this normal?

 How long can you live with lung cancer?

 My mom has breast cancer and is about to get mastectomy, what's next?
My 46 year old mom has to get a mastectomy in two weeks to remove her breast with cancer. I am so scared and I am trying to be the best supportive daughter that I can be. The cancer also spread to ...

 Hard to drink/eat due to nausea?
My mom already had her third chemo for cancer, but due to a bowel obstruction by the tumors, she has a PEG tube in her stomach to gravity drain the bile. Anyways she had prior to that an NG tube down ...

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Hi there, A few months ago i examined my breasts in the shower and noticed they were lumpy i found one that slightly stood out a bit so I went to my doctors for a check up straight away, Anyway she ...

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 What do you think is the cause of cancer? Just opinion, not a scientific explanation.?
We know that smoking can cause lung cancer and the sun can cause skin cancer. What about other things that cause cancer? I've heard that underarm deodorant can cause breast cancer. I've ...

 Do you lose your hair during radiation treatment?

Additional Details
I'm at stage o (breast cancer) and I don't want to lose my hair so is radiation better than chemo? what other side effects to you get with radiation ...

 If alcohol drinking may lead to oral cancer, then does this mean that using mouth wash also may cause cancer?
drinking alcohol is said to have a correlation with oral cancers. But mouth wash also contains alcohols. why is mouthwash not to blame too?...

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my dad died ofbowe cancer will this happen to ...

 Over the past few weeks i have had trouble urinating, is this a form of a cancer, if so what kind?

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i am a male, only 30 years old, and sometimes it's like i get very nervous and just can't even go at all....

 My friends cancer?help please?
last may my friend had cancer of the bowel which spread to liver and lung so she had 3 major operations radiotheraphy and chemotheraphy so just 2mths ago they said ya we got the cancer and you should ...

 Genetic testing: Could this tell if I'll get breast cancer in the future?

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 I beat my meat like 4 times a day, is it bad for you to do that? i mean i heard you can get prostate cancer?
I dont know if thats true though, its probably a rumor....

 Does smoking cigarettes prevent lung cancer?
I heard that smoking prevents you from getting lung cancer and extends your lifespan. Is this true?
Additional Details
I was being sarcastic. God, have you people ever heard of sarcasm?...

 I chew tobacco once in a great while can I get mouth cancer?
I chew tabacco once a month if not every other month. I only do it on special occation. What is my risk of developing mouth cancer?...

 I have a friend who is 45 and has smoked since the age of 12. I also know he does weed.?
what are the chances of him getting cancer?...

Kate M
What is the #1 hospital for cancer treatment in the US?

MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas seems to be where most hospitals send cancer patients, at least around here. (Louisville, Nashville) I know of two people personally who have been sent there.

One woman with Stage 4 breast cancer was sent there, and now a year later is cancer free.

The other a young woman with a brain tumor and they operated and got the entire tumor out.

MD Anderson has also been on news shows for being the nation's leader cancer center.

You can check out their website for more information.

There are many great treatment centers across the country. They are all affiliated with a major medical school and are usually in big cities. The most important thing you can do is go to a major hospital. The little local community hospitals will give you treatment that is not state-of-the-art. The hospital that you pick should be based partly on where you live and on what type of cancer you have.

As far as I know, MD Anderson in Houston.

Guess I'm ethnocentric to NY...Sloan Ketterin is world-renowned, surprised no one else mentioned it...I am a practicing medical professional in NY, as far as I know they are the best...wouldn't know much outside of NY all the same...good luck

i think it johns hopkins in baltimore

MD Anderson in Houston.

I'm not really sure about the whole country but Loyola University Medical Center in Chicago is the best here.
They treated my mother's cancer and did a wonderful job.

I'm sold on the Cleveland Clinic. Probably wouldn't still be here without them.

Layola medical center here in chicago it's the one of the best in chicago along with rush university medical center both of them are excellent here in chicago.

Best one in Texas is MD Anderson..... dunno about the US though.


There's many but Dana Farber in Boston has saved my life and I recommend it to everybody. That's the truth! My local doctors would have watched me die.

why don't you use your time, instead of mine, to look it up in last weeks issue of US News Report.

you can contact the amercian cancer socitaty can tell you but i know there is a hospice and cancer center in cleveland ohio that is excelent and i also heard that there is one in pa just ask the people at the cancer sociaty good luck

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