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 Is there a cancer or a disease that is completely incurable?
i'm just curious. I've had some people tell me that after stage 4 it becomes a matter of when your time is up, and others saying that it can be. If there are diseases which are life ...

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cancer all over body admitted to hospital doctors are puzzled and unabled to cure him....

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I hate seeing my mom go through this....

My dad had a tumour like 5 years ago. He got it removed by surgery. This year at April, the tumour reappeared... this time there was two. So he had surgery and got them removed and they said that ...

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I'm 18 and i just found out i have cancer.How do i tell family?...

 Which month is Breast cancer awareness month, and what other diseases are for the other months?

 Which cancer has the highest fatality rate?
Don't just guess if you don't know. Only tell me if u know. Btw, lung cancer is not the answer.
Additional Details
Include the rate if u know please. Thanks....

 Can you get cancer from touching the TV antenna too much or by the using the remote while it is pointed to you

 My mother-in-law had cancer treatment and was given the all clear.?
She had surgery and chemotherapy and was given the all clear. A month later we're told she has a mass the size of a small football in her stomach (she had the surgery on her stomach in May) and ...

shrijan j
What harms can x-ray radiation can cause?
i want imidiate reply it's urgent

The harmful list is too long to write here. Below is a link to side effects of radition, both short and long term effects. The effects are lifelong with many not showing up until years later.

Diane T
Are you talking about radiation treatment due to cancer? If so, you will find that the cells and tissue are burned forever. Depending on the area you have radiated it can and will change your taste buds. I know people that can't eat to much because things just don't taste good. Beside the sun burn you get it's not to bad.

Most X-Ray mishaps typically just result in burns, however, large enough doses can eventually cause radiation sickness and even death.

If you have been exposed to x-rays or any other strong form of radiation outside of a controled environment then seek medical help. It is very important that they are able to estimate how much radiation you were exposed to, and get you on an early treatment regimine if they determine you need it. Do not wait to consult a doctor on this issue, seek treatment ASAP. If you were exposed to too much radiation, symptoms might not appear for a few days or weeks.

X-rays are harmful to our body, as soon as they strike our body they start kill our body cells as well as tissues but in minor quantity!
So there is nothing to worry about it till they are bombered upon you for a long time

X-ray radiation is very dangerous in high dose. There are two syndromes caused by x-ray exposure. First is acute syndrom with diarrhea, edema, lesions of skin, mouth and bowel mucosa, fatigue, flulike symptoms. Second is long term syndrome with infertility, hair lost and malignancies (leukemia, lymphoma and cancer).
If by x-ray you mean radiotherapy, here is a little something about its side effects:

The answers depend on the part of the body the radiation is targeted to. Yes, there is sometimes damage to the surrounding tissue, but the long term effects of not having the radiation can be worse.

What area of the body is being targeted? We can give you better answers if we know this.

Depends on the strength of the exposure and the length of exposure. Your average medical x-ray is no big deal as long as it is only for a reasonable quantity of times. Recently though, I was at a particle accelerator that releases an x-ray beam that can vaporize a hole though a torso. So in conclusion, you'll have to specify what kind of exposure we are dealing with here.

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