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 My cousin said that pot can be perscribed by a doctor for medical perpouses like if you have cancer?
I never heard of this. I thought thats why some people say that the plant should be legal for medical perpouses. If it is legal, is it legal in all states. How would they be able to grow it if its ...

 How come when you have cancer your hair falls out?
What type of cancer is it? and why does it fall out?...

 How do you get lymphoma cancer?
lymph nodes-...

 My husband is dying of cancer. Hospice has taken over. I need a poem for him.?
He still can read himself. But he is getting weak....

 Is BREAST CANCER @ STAGE 3, be controlled or cured?
Thanks in advance.

As you all know this is a very SERIOUS question, so it would be much appreciated if i didnt recieve any silly answers.

Thanks again....

 Is 14 to young to get Breast cancer?
Im 14 and ive had this lump for a while now but i dont no if its anything because my mum had breast cancer twice and died from it so im a bit scare cos ive got some of the Symptoms of breast cancer ...

 My dad has cancer and i need someone to talk to?
im only 14. my dad is my best friend. and i just found out three months ago that he has stage 4 brain cancer. glioblastoma multiforme. i was wondering if there is any hope? any cures? or someone that ...

 I accidentally shave my mole in my lips.. is it dangerous? they said it is cancerous..?
i accedentally shave my mole in my lips.. is it dangerous? they said it is cancerous.. how true it is? because one of my friend also accindetally scratch her mole at his foot and after 3 months she ...

 With all the Pink products out there for Breast Cancer Month, how much actually goes to the cause?
There are so many rediculous products out there for Pink Ribbon Month it makes me wonder are there companies out there raising money, but maybe not donating it all....

 What classification of lung cancer leads to brain tumor?
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 Chewing tobacco vs. cigarettes?
what gets your nicotine crave better......

 How do you get rid of hemorrhoid's , can it turn into cancer?

 What to do follow up?
Original question - I am 29 years old. I had breast reduction surgery 9 years ago. Last week I found a lump in one of my breast, went to the doctor and she ordered a mammogram and ultrasound. My ...


 Is lymphoma curable?
the doctors said my uncle has lymphoma , do you die from it, it is a curable cancer and stuff, i really dont know much about it....

 My boyfriend and his smoking ARGH?
Okay so we have been together for about 2 years now. When he first met me i was fine with him smoking it didnt bother. Then it did. I asked him to quit and he did for 4 months. Then all of a sudden ...

 HELP..I have a lump in my left breast.....?
I have a lump in my left breast. I noticed it about 6 months ago and it hasnt gone away but has become larger. I sometimes have a brownish red discharge from the left breast. Right breast is fine no ...

 Blood tests and showing signs of cancer?
Okay so I wanted to know..if when you get a blood test or unrine test. If even if you aren't looking for say cancer...it'll show something wrong..and they'll go from there to find out ...

 Brain tumor?!? i'm scared.?
a few months back i had an appendectomy and a cyst removed, and i had an obstruction so they had to do a second surgery on me a few days later. anyway, i'm not sure if it started before or after ...

 My mom might have cancer?
I'm very worried, and she thinks it's the one on your throat where you get it cut out and can't talk, or you die from it.
More over, she's been acting bitter, crying, and a ...

Michael N
What happens in chemotherapy and why does it make people tired?

There are different drugs used for chemotherapy that do different things. In general, the idea is to target the cancer cells specifically. Unfortunately, it's really hard to JUST kill the cancer cells and not your normal cells. When this happens, your body needs to regenerate the normal cells.
The chemotherapy that usually makes people really tired targets the rapidly dividing cells which is a property of cancer cells, but also your blood cell, skin and hair. That's why people's hair fall. You can see that. What you don't see and therefore is not so obvious is your blood cells die too. Your body will make some more, but in the mean time, your ability to fight diseases and take oxygen around your body is decreased.

well it is a chemical that is used as a last resort to kill a disease so I guess that would make anyone tired

chemo zaps the whole body, only the cancer should be zapped, if possible

Jay S
"Chemo" is basically poison. Cancer cells are not as strong as most normal cells, so the idea is to use just enough poison to kill the cancer. Years ago, they just used a low dose left it in the patient. Most modern chemotherapy utilizes a higher dose, but requires that an antidote be administered after a set period of time.

In practice, some healthy cells including red blood cells are lost, and that is what makes people tired. (And causes their hair to fall out.)

chemo makes you tired because your blood count drops - you get anemic and it feels like someone is standing on your chest. they have drugs to help and it usually happens in cycles.

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