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 Would you think it was thyroid cancer?
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 Can cancer cells be detected thrrough a bloood test?

 My daddy is dying from cancer...?
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What does it mean if your told you have a shadow on your lung?

Last xmas my husband had a chest xray and doctors found a shadow on his lung, he was referred to a consultant who did a 2nd xray shadow was still there. They said they thought it was cancer, he had a bronchoscopy (camera into lung and a biopsy) results were negative. He was sent for a CT scan and a nuclear xray both proved negative. Doctors came to the conclusion that he didn't have anything wrong with him, but it didn't stop it being frightening. My mum had a shadow on her lung it turned out she had an infection and pneumonia antibiotics clearing it up. Try not to worry and Good luck God Bless.

Old & Confused
Hopefully not too much. I was advised that I had a shadow over one my lungs a couple of years ago. and more recently it was confirmed the shadow was pleural thickening caused by a exposure to asbestos. Its not known how or where I was exposed but for now I'm in good health. There are no guarentees as I was previously a heavy smoker. Almost four months now. Best of luck and don't worry, things will be fine.

i believe it refers to something that the xrays find hard to see through, ie infection.

it could be a multitude of sins. it could be an infection like pneumonia, dont automatically assume it's the big C. You should be asking your consultant or doctor this question. no one could possibly diagnose from a question alone. it would take an experienced person to decipher an xray.

Good luck and try not to worry too much.

That is a vague description and could mean anything from TB to cancer to pneumonia.

How about Sarcoidosis? That is how mine showed up, my first onc thought it it was breast cancer mets....I don't go to her antmore...

Ask a doctor. Does not sound good

My husband was told he had a shadow on his lung and he was in a lot of pain.

Turned out to be pneumonia which was serious enough but was cured with a large course of antibiotics.

Hope this helps.

Quit Smoking or inhaling foreign substances and start eating a 95% raw organic vegetable diet with fruits and juices and pure water.
It means that you have not been eating, drinking or resting correctly and/or doing bad habits.
It means that the "Kreb's Cycle" in your body is not working properly. (cellular process of healing and life)
To correct the Kreb's Cycle Eat 95% raw organic vegatables and fruits. Eliminate processed white flour, sugar, dairy and chemicals from your diet. Go to what God designed for you. This diet will de-toxify your body and (if in-time) cure you.

You are at a crossroads: Decide Life!

To learn more about the Kreb's Cycle go here:

and do some research and find a doctor of natropathy asap.
Good Luck and a long life!

it could be TB

it could mean if you arte smoker that your lungs are completely black wioth tar and carbon monoxide etc.

It could me they are detecting lung Cancer,I pray that I,m wrong but that was one of the first signs they had found when my friend was dignios with lung cancer,but they did a whole lot of test after the spot on lung,so I may be wrong!Good Luck,hollywood

It could be any number of things - infection, fluid etc.
Every part of the body is made up of cells, there are 600 trillion cells althogether. If cells are diseased, the immune system should step in to repair them, but if the immune system is weakened then it is incapable of doing the job without the intervention of outside help.
Toxins cause the immune system to become less efficient, so I would try to avoid drugs at all costs. All drugs are toxic.
You need something that will get the immune system to be able to recognise that there are cells that are not functioning correctly.
There is a group of naturals that are taking the world by storm. Thousands of people do not need to take any prescription medicine and no longer need to consul a doctor, they do not get ill. I have not been ill in the past three years and no longer need drugs. I found a great website with loads of tesimonies on from people who have had their illnesses turned around.
Take a look.

Calvin of China, PhD
Since I work at a medical university, I can tell you there are different criteria of the shadowing. A smoker or a miner can have deposited residue. Cancer will leave a light to deep dark shadows, meaning the degree of cancer. Also, there are some lung diseases that will show up with the same shadow as lung cancer.

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