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 What would you do if you had cancer?
If you found out you had the most aggresive type of cancer and that it was incurable and only had a year with treatment what would you do?
Additional Details
Would you do the treatments ...

 Would radiation theraptists or oncologist lose their jobs if the cure for cancer is found?
I plan to major in radiation therapy/oncology and wanted to know if by the time I graduate I will still have a job because I know the cure for cancer will soon be found. What are the chances of the ...

 My stepmother is dying from lung cancer. What can I do to help and comfort my father?

 I hear bowel cancer can cause loose stools and hard stools. What does a healthy stool look like?

Additional Details
Just looked at the bristol stool scale and I am between 4 and 5....

 What is a m r i scan?

 Smoker only?
why smoke when u know it can cause cancer, why regret when u got cancer? why try to cure cancer if it is own cause? Everone will die one day be it early or late but why speed it? Is there a hurry? A ...

 Does anyone think i have skin cancer?
I found a mole had appeared on m back like over night.it is irregular shape stuck out a bit and a bit crusty.at first i thought it was a spot or sumthing but it obv wasnt..all the selp diagnosis ...

 What can Cancer Patients eat...?
My friend has cancer and we just found out that sugar is not good for cancer patients. Infact Cancer survives with sugar. Is this true and if so, what about fruit that has natural sugar is this the ...

 If you have cancer, will you know it? Serious question...?
I am so paranoid that something is wring with me. If my stomach hurts, I think I have a tumor or something..If my head hurts, I think the same thing.
My question is, I keep telling myself that ...

 While going through my battle with cancer, chemo, etc. my brother, who I feel closest to in my family, didn't?
come to see me. He called weekly & was genuinely concerned without a doubt but never offered to come visit. He is semi-retired, lives about 50 miles away & had the time but during that time,...

 9-year-old big lump in her left breast. CANCER??
My 9-yr-old has a quarter size lump in her left breast. I like to believe it's a "breast-bud" but not sure becasue her right breast is still perfectly flat without lumps. She said it&#...

 Does cancer run in families?
my mum died of bowel cancer which had spread to her liver a year ago aged 50. i am only 20 now but was just wondering is it something i should be checked for regularly. thanks for any help ...

 What is it when ugo to the bathroom and u have a little blood in your BM?

 Chemotherapy! Does it ever get back to normal?
A close family friend has been getting chemotherapy for about 5 months. She has breast cancer, but we don't know any further details, since she's just recently told us about having cancer. L...

 So you've had cancer, been treated, been given a clean bill of health...?
do you ever get over being afraid that every damn little thing is gonna turn out bad.......and be cancer again?
Additional Details
yeah I think I was better after I found out than when I ...

 What is wrong with me??? 25 year old cancer patient seeks answers?
I'm a 25 year old grad student and have recently been diagnosed with colon cancer and start chemo shortly. Learned my brother has testicular cancer a few weeks ago and my aunt died yesterday. D...

 "I have not known anybody with cancer that survived it" was what she said, should she have said it?
It was at my first cancer caregivers meeting at the hospital that I thought I should go to because I needed support with my wife's breast cancer. I told a friend who's husband has survived ...

 Do you always lose your hair with cancer??
I know not all chemo's make you lose your hair, but even for the one's that do...cant you wear a cold cap or something? is there any way at all to keep your hair??...

 Is cancer a chronic metabolic disease which can be cured, but is perpetuated by our health /drugs industry?

Additional Details
There is no violation to asking this this question? a lack of vitamin b17 could be the contribuing factor to cancer... ...

 I have a very sharp pain in my breast that comes an goes, could this be cancer? T here is no obvious lump.?
IIt is a very intense short sharp pain;...

Rajan P
What does it mean, IF THE BLOOD PRESSURE IS 111/80?

Depending on the age and medical history, it could be regarded as slightly high, but not dangerously so.

it means you have good blood pressure. you can eat anything you want and rink anything you want.

top reading is pressure leaving your heart - you are good

Bottom reading is pressure returning to your heart - you are a little high

Perfect pressure at rest is 110 / 60

Trevor Zen
it means that you have really good blood pressure.


That is normal.

The normal blood pressure is between Systolic : 100-140/ diastolic: 60-90. depend on age, weight, lifestyle. your's very much normal

120/80 or lower is great

It depends on alot of things. How old are you? Are u overweight?? U need to put more things about u.
I'm 18 years old and i'm 5'1" and 120 lbs n i have high blood pressure. The doctor said MY blood pressure is suppose to be 120/75 but mine is usually 140-150/80-85.
its just depends on the person. You can always call and ask your doctor, they could probably answer better.

It probably means that you are ok. Relax or it will go up.

Unless it's different from your usual bp, then it's normal. 120/80 is considered normal for healthy adults. It's slightly higher for kids. The top number is your systolic pressure (the pressure in your arteries when your heart squeezes out the blood), the bottom number is your diastolic pressure (the pressure in your arteries when your heart starts to relax after pumping out blood). For a healthy adult, a systolic reading 140+ is considered high and a diastolic reading below 50 can considered potentially fatal. Keep in mind that many athletes have a low diastolic pressure - somewhere in the low 50's due to excellent physical conditioning = healthy heart. If you have further questions, ask your doctor.

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