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We decided to disconnect the ventillator and let my mom die. did she suffer?
my mom had lung cancer. her doctor said they could make her comfortable by heavily medicating her before they disconnected the ventillator so that she would just stop breathing and then die. she looked peaceful. she breathed on her own for about an hour and then stopped. i guess we don't really know what she felt. but did she feel any pain or anything. she even opened her eyes and blinked a few times. but i just don't understand. i'm searching, wondering if i did the right thing. the doctors said she wouldn't have lived long, it was stage 4 lung ca and she was throwing up tons of blood and was on 2 ventillators. i didn't want her to suffer so based on what the doctor said that's what i decided to do. we were very close and this is almost the 1st anniversary of her death and it's starting to haunt me what it was like for her.

I am really sorry that you lost her, and also that you are the ones that killed her.
Perhaps she just needed to suffer a bit more in this world, in order to go strait to heaven, and now she has to suffer in the next world. Who knows

i am sure the doctor at the hospital informed u and your family very well about this.

Please don't let this decision haunt you. I have walked many families down this path and from what you have described there was nothing else to be done. The death process is never easy, but it seems like everything was done to make your mom as comfortable as possible. It sounds as though she did not suffer a bit. Sometimes, the body just can't fight anymore and the release of death is a gift more precious than anything. Let your mind be at peace as your mom now is.

chuck g
Think of it this way, she was probably suffering more from being kept alive on the ventilator. You did the right thing, no matter how difficult the decision was.

No. She was already suffering by being kept alive artificially. You gave your mother a great gift by allowing her to pass away and not prolong the inevitable.

Death is natural and we will all face it someday.

Be at peace, you made the right choice.

First of let me say how sorry I am for your loss. The decision you made is a terrible burden but very brave and is made from love. The answer to your question is NO she didn't feel pain. The slightly techncal answer is that between the medication and the change in blood chemistry associated with her breathing changes- she felt no pain. If you want a more detailed answer please feel free to email me. I understand- I've been there too.

I have been told by friends that work in a hospice when it gets to the point a person is almost ready to let go,they do not feel anything anymore.The nervous system among other body symptoms simply shut down.

The sedation she was given probably put her into a subconscious relaxed sleep like when Morphine is given for pain and relaxes them. It saved her from further pain and/or breathing problems.

I dont think so buddy

My heart goes out to you. My father died of colon cancer and he was at home, we had him with medication and we all knew he wasnt suffering.She didn't suffer, they must of had her on Morphine or some sort of heavy meds. Her opening her eyes well it could of been her way of saying goodbye, getting a last glance, but even though, us, human, want them to stay here forever, we know deep inside is their time and we need to let them go, just the way our kids will let us go. Shes happy and no pain where shes at. Be at peace, enjoy life, and celebrate life and remember that one day you will see her.

She was so heavily medicated she felt no pain. Most likely she was floating from heavy sedation which would be the same as dreaming. I can assure you, she did not suffer.

Since it was a year ago....it's time to let go. Yes, you did the right thing. My father died of kidney cancer in 1970. My sisters and I believe with all our hearts that the doctor gave him an overdose of Morphine. On purpose. I am so grateful to that doctor.

She would have wanted it, I'm sure. No one wants to suffer. I've had breast cancer. Believe me....the pain is bad enough when you have stage 1 or 2......I can't believe what it feels like in stage 3 or 4. Thank God.....the got rid of her pain, and then let her go. Absolutely the right thing.

You should probably see a counselor =to help you through this.

first im so sorry for your loss. my mother died in oct from lung cancer at home. she wasnt on a ventilator but on morphien drops and felt nothing. she had no trouble breathing and died peacefully in her sleep. so rest assured i dont th ink your mother suffered you did the best thing for her

Eternity 4U Always
Trust me your mom went peacefully. My mother had lung cancer and died 2005. She was not on a ventillator ever - but had difficulty breathing. They did however heavily medicate her.

Be at peace yourself knowing she is no longer in pain.

God Bless.

Jred, you did the right thing. If they gave her Morphine and or a sedative like Versed and Morphine, she did not suffer one bit and as you saw her passing was peaceful. We treat pets better than we do people in the last stage of their life. What you did was humane and decent. What would have been inhumane would have been to continue her suffering when you know the outcome is a miserable death. I don't know how she lasted as long as she did without requesting of you to help end her life. Everyone hopes for a miracle to happen and they get better but life has to come to an end sometime. Falacy: people die of old age. Fact: people die from complications of illness. We just don't know what illness is the one that does us in.... it's all a race.. whatever hits something critical ends our life. Under that level of narcotics, she did not know, understand or was uncoscious completely and was totally unaware of her surrounding world.

If you want to ask a more important question.... How much more pain and suffering would she had suffered before she died if you did artificially kept her alive a few more days????

It sounds like you have a compassionate doctor..... HANG ON TO HIM.

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