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 My dog has a pea-sized lump growing on his shoulder, is this cancer?

 My 3 yr old just diagnosed with cancer....?
She is only 3, she will be 4 in June, and was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Wilms Tumors. Is anyone familiar with this?
Additional Details
She is Stage 3. We already ...

 Colon cancer?
for the past 9 months my stools have had a very tarry texture, are the color of clay, have black specks in them, often times look like i have undigested peanuts in them (wheni have not eaten them)and ...

 Bowel cancer?
bowel cancer ...

 Where does a guy go to get checked out for testicular cancer?
basically I want to get checked out (as more of a piece of mind) which department in the hospital do i call to get an appointment to get it checked?...

 Blood test: Can it detect cancer without further testing?
My fiance has had a lot of symptoms lately that have kept her doctors baffled to this point. She's been to several specialists, but she's not getting any "real" answers about what ...

 My mom was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. I've tried to research it but the websites aren't clear.?
can someone break it down THOROUGHLY in layman's terms....

 Why is cancer so common in U.S?I 've been in U.S for three months now,I 've always heard people die of cancer
I came to U.S in september to join my family,and each time my parents or some friends talk about someone who died,my question is what killed the person?and I have always heard the same answer,Cancer!I...

 My mum 's Breat cancer has evolved into IV stage. What Treatment Should We Opt for now If any?

 Can a cancer patient get jaundice?
more over when the person is having high bilirubin content will he survive.?...

 I smoke and im just wondering how high my risks of cancer are.?
my mother has been smoking her whole life and she seems fine. I know that family history and genetics have to do with it witch is why im giving this ...

 How much will i expect to pay if I get chantix???
Just wondering how much a prescription for chantix ...

 If both your parents have had cancer in their 50's what are the chances of you getting it?
if you are 32?...

 Removing a mole with NHS?
I have a skin mole and the NHS aren't keen on removing it! Is there any grounds for having it removed because it could have an effect on my health!...

 Will i get any kind of disease, if i smoke marijuana?
i would like to know the the health risks....

 Any advise caring for stage 4 cancer at home?
Additional Details

 Does anybody have a thyroid problem?
if you do how does it make you feel.As my doctor thinks i mite have this problem,i am awainting blood test results....

 I have had radiation treatments last year,or over a year ago. cancer has came back. can i take radiation again

 My ex wife has HPV(cervical cancer)we were married for 4 yrs. am i at risk of cancer? can women pass it to men

 What is to come next with a brain cancer diagnosis?
Back in June we found out that my father has brain cancer. He originally had melanoma which then spread to the rest of his body, but the brain is the doctors' main focus. In July he had a Grand M...

ღஜღ♥ Dreamy ♥ღஜღ
Ramen causes Cancer?
My friend told me that if you eat too much Ramen that it can cause cancer! Is this true?

ok diet pruducts causes cancer adn popcron smells causes it btu tht is rare cases wehre they had EVRYSINGLE HOUR OF EVERYDAY! i promsie ull be fine and dont worry. its happend once! in how long....?

Everything in moderation! You have to balance your diet with veggies and fruits. You are what you eat!!

Woodstock Rock
No I have ramen 24/7 and I don't have cancer

:) peace
No, nowadays everything "causes cancer", just don't live on it. But it can get you sick, just not that serious.

What's Ramen?? Never mind I looked it up. I doubt that a noodle soup could cause cancer.

Sure hope not. I used to live on that stuff.

It's actually not very healthy for you--way too much sodium. But I've never heard of it causing cancer.

i don't kinow about cancer caused by Ramen.... i know too much sodium which is APLENTY in Ramen can cause high blood pressure nd related complications.

blues breaker
if that were true, nearly every college student in the u.s. would be going through chemo.

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