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 Is it breast cancer?
on the bottom left side or my right breast it feels sore and when touching it it felt diff.from my left breast it didnt exactly feel like a lump but im not too sure what it could be.can someone help ...

 My mom is complaining of lower back pain. She has had cancer in lung and brain both removed. Should I worry?
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A family member of mine (female) has just recently been diagnosed with cancer. She is already loosing her hair and she still has 6 months of chemo to go. She says she does not want to wear a wig, ...

 Mouth ulcers due to chemotherapy?
What can you use apart from bonjela to treat mouth ulcers and also something easy to eat while they are there....

 Why do certain people detect they have cancer at an early stage and others when its far too late to do anythin
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 Do you think Pharmaceutical companies are really interested in CURING cancer?
Instead of TREATING cancer?
Additional Details
Raven- I'm a young BC survivor too... Sounds like I'm getting the same treatment as well......

 How can I be most supportive of my best friend who has breast cancer?
My friend had a mastectomy but is undergoing chemotherapy that is making her sick. Now she fears that the cancer has gone to her bones as she is having severe pain in her knee and needs to use a ...

 Why do some heavy smokers never get lung cancer but some who never smoke do get it?

 Brain tumor???
onces or twice every month i will get this terrible headaches which last for a week or sometimes longer than a week i will also feel dizzy and nausea when i have headaches i have see doc and taken ...

 Anyone had success with patches or any other give up smoking things?
any advice would be welcome, might as well give up as soon it will be ilegal to smoke anywhere except in the garden shed!!!...

 Terminal Cancer Question...?
My uncle has a terminal form of cancer that has settled in and around his heart. He was admitted to the hospital on Monday, administered fluids, and then sent home. His oncologist has told him that ...

 If you have cancer does it hurt? Can you feel pain? What kind of pain is it?
I have a constant pain in my right pelvic....

 I had 8 days of chemo and 25 radiation treatments , esophegal surgery on Friday?
My last treatment was about 7 or 8 weeks ago and lately I'm finding Im insatiable when it comes to thirst.....Coke , water , juices , popsicles

I can't get enough fluids ...

 I am a 40 yr old man and have recenty found out that i have lung cancer need advice?
what do i do to keep from going crazy im not scared of dying but afraid of leaveing me 17 yr old daughter ....

 My neighbor has no medical insurance and health problems?
my neighbor doesn't have medical insurance so she has to go to the free clinic. she had thyroid cancer and both thyroids removed now. she found a lump where she had the cancer,they did a cat ...

 Can a 13 year old get breast cancer?
ok I am 13 and I've had this lump on my breast since I was like 11. It just showed up one day. We had it checked a few years ago and the doctor said it was really nothing and that we should just ...

 Does smoking marijuana cause cancer?
anyone have any definitive information?...

 Whats the best way to quit smoking?
I have smoked 40 yrs and was a 2 to 3 pack a day for the last three years , i just recently did the patch and slipped again and it seems like depression and nicotine with drawals all over and ...

 What are other options for getting a good tan other than tanning salons?

dorothy a
My voice has been hourse for 3 months now..could this be a sign of throat cancer?

I would take an appointment with a good ENT at the earliest and pay the doctor a visit for s total check up. It may be nothing or it may be everything.

Go to the doctor best advice you'll get

joe d
Yikes! I wouldn't jump the gun. If you're a smoker, it could be smoker's throat, and not necessarily throat cancer. Nevertheless, it would be a good idea to get that checked out real quick, because if it is and it's in the early stages, cancers are cureable. You want to diagnose that NOW. I have a few friends who had cancer of different sorts, and they are in remition and living cancer free today... so get to it Dorothy and it will help you have a great Holiday season.

SEE A DOCTOR. Most likely not throat cancer, but you need to know for sure. In my case, I had a tumor wrapped around my throat that was impacting my voice and swallowing. It was Lymphoma. It may not be that with you, but you need to know!! Best wishes.

It could be a sign of singer's nodes on the vocal cords or just allergies.

Yes, please see a doctor.

Infection of somesort. You should go to Doc to have it checked out.If something lasts more than 2 weeks or sooner if severe
go to Doc.

It's possible, but most likely due to either allergies (do you have a post-nasal drip at night?), very low humidity in your home might also contribute, and there is the possibility of acid reflux irritating your throat. You might want to try taking Prilosec for a week to see if it clears up. If not, you should probably see a doctor.

go see your doctor.

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