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Liana S
My aunt is dying of cancer, they said she has1 to 2 weeks left...?
I really cant believe it and dont want to believe it .Her daughter is suppose to get married in November. My aunt doesnt know that she has that short time left, we asked the doctors not to tell her. She is excited about her daughter up comming even and wants to get out of the hospital to buy her a wedding dress and prepare for everything. Could a miricle happen???Is there anything we can do to safe her life?? She's only 42 yrs. old. Does any one know of any natural healers???

Not even a doctor can give the date of death. It is only be experience that they can estimate sometimes. If your aunt is talking and feeling happy, looking forward to her daughters wedding, that is all that counts. Be happy with her, if she is planning, plan with her, pray.and thank God for giving you such a wonderful Aunt. God Bless.

life seems ironic sometimes... but there is someone whom we can always rely on... it's God... Do pray ... Mark 5:36 don't be afraid; just believe... and its good knowing your aunt is fighting and having that optimism... expect an unexpected... God is a Good healer...
be always at her side let her feel she's important to all of you... that she may got inspiration....
Hope and pray it will do good...

chicken soup
omg im so sorry!!
i dont think so........as the doctors
cant they make the wedding faster
[maybe they should tell your aunt...shell probly want to spend her last weeks doing something rather then being in the hospital]
a miracle can hapend
im a miracle baby.........sorry again

PRAY TO GOD!! if you believe in him or to what you do believe in
i dont think they can decide when the cancer will make her pass away though
hope she lives long [at leastt for the weddiing after it for a while],,morely as long as possible

Pray. Pray. Pray.
Keep her smiling and laughing and just keep her positive.
My mom was diagnosed with cancer in march and that is what I did and continue to do. I heard her on the phone today talking about how she could have easily slipped into a depression but I keep her spirits up and I don't allow her to do that and how much of a difference that makes.
Prayer really does work. Don't ask me how it does, but I know from my experience that it does.
A miracle could happen, just ask your Higher Power to help.
No matter what happens, know that her Higher Power had a plan for her and it will be completed the way he planned for it to. Try to keep the good memories close and the laughter constant.

Megan V
the best natural healer of all is God. the only thing you can do for your aunt is pray for her, hope she gets better, and love her. miricales do happen. my great grandmother was once told she had about three days to live, but she endded up living for about two and a half months after that.

im praying for you

I am very very sorry, truly i am. This question even made me cry a little. I think the only thing you can do now is pray and hope for some kind of miracle.

I am sorry once again.

Miracles can happen. Really. But I don't want to give false hopes, anything can happen. She can live, or she can die. Or she can slip into a coma and live through her daughter's wedding unconscious.

In any case, here's a story. I have an aunt. She was 19 years old when something happened to her pancreas. Doctors said she had only, what, a few weeks to live.

Anyway, she did get better and now she's 60+.

Pray a lot,
ask good for something amazing to happen.
Yes, a miricle CAN happen.

please update one what happens.

pray to God....ask for a little more life for her...im not kidding

where are you from anyway.........i can't let you know because you didn't tell me where you from......i know a lot of natural healer

BELIEVE IN MIRACLES.Contact the local churches in your area and any body that believes in the miracles of prayer to pray for her. Just ask God to let her live to see this come to pass and to give her the strength to do it. I was diagnosed on June 4th of 2007 with the apl form of aml leukemia. I was died 3 times and got up and walked out of the hospital 3 days after I died the 3rd time.I also went into remission officially on August 4th of 2007. So I know what God can do. he let me live to see my grandchildren grow up and me to finish my college courses and get my degree as well as to tell what he did for me. Only God can see her through this and provide you with the miracle. God also uses the Dr. hands to do his work. I would appreciate it if you kept in touch with me and let me know how she is doing. I will be praying for her. Just keep positive that God will provide her with her miracles.GOD IS STILL IN THE HEALING BUSINESS!!!!!! What hospital is she in? I hope she is in an accrdited Cancer institute.

i'm very sorry to hear about your aunt...it is very hard what you are going to go through...i lost both of my parents to cancer....my father just a few months ago..he was fine...all of a sudden got a pain in his side that wouldn't go away and after a few days went to the dr....and they gave him 5 days to live...needless to say...5 days later....he died...very hard....

first i do not think you have the right to hide this from your aunt...it is her life....give her the time she has left to get things in order...to say things she needs to say...some people may need to hear things or say things...also offer to make a video w/ her for the day of her daughters wedding...and do it quickly...if the dr's are right she will loose more and more life on a daily basis...so do it while she still looks good...and i say if she wants to go buy a wedding dress w/ her daughter let her...at least she can see her in it once...if not on that day...and her daughter can have that memory as well...and i would also take a camera so the daughter can have pics...there will be regrets and many of them...remember it is her life and not yours..you don't have the right to control it....it's not like she isn't going to figure it out in a few days anyway....so let the end at least be peaceful for her and let her have no regrets....it is better to have lived...then to never have lived at all..even if you finally start to live in your last days....but that is her choice!!!!!

as far as herbs and stuff like that....look for an herbalist...i know where i live in NY....there are many in woodstock...we did alot of that and acupuncture and energy healing w/ my mom...the dr gave her 3 months...she lived a year and a half...almost pain free....its worth a go .....

Stephanie M

Usually Mental health is #1 cause of Death! Keep her spirits up, if she has a reason to live then she will! No matter what, it always, always depends on the mental state, she just has to know she is going to live.

Love and obey her.

George G
It's in God's hands. Pray as hard as you can and ask others to do the same. God bless you and your family.

Cayenne pepper, and Pau D'Arco tea cleanse the blood, and it might lengthen the time she has, but I don't know if you can totally cure it. I'm So Sorry. Stay strong, and know that life goes on.

There is always hope.Even miracles,im sorry you and your family have to go through this,but its better that she's planning and excited about the wedding instead of being despressed

there is always hope. i'm just a college student, but i'll tell you one thing. my aunt was placed in a similar situation and after TONS of prayers, she's now on her way to a full recovery.

keep your faith up and make sure that every moment you spend with her is full of joy and laughter and God's love.

Doctors don't know everything, if your Aunt has a strong will to live she may stick around a lot longer than you think. People have been known to stick around for important events then die soon after. Kind of like those who are on death's door then expire soon after a loved one they have waited for arrives. The will to live is a powerful thing. Best of luck to you!

Given HIPPA rules, your aunt's doctor would lose his/her license if he did not tell his patient her prognosis.

Your cousin has to make a decision. Either she cans the wedding in November and gets married now in the hospital chapel with her mom present, or she lets her mom expire, knowing she will never see her daughter married. My Mom and I are not close, but I can tell you what my decision would be. I know 2 people who waited to have the stupid church wedding with a dying parent and now regret it.

If she only has a couple of weeks left, she has organ failure. Not much you can do to turn that around. Sorry.

Jtom Bomb
its not natural and you probably wont want to but you could always pray

oh my gosh! that's so sad! someone needs to tell her so she can live it to the fullest. ask her daughter to do a small cermony just for her, then have a big ceremony later. watching your kid get married is a huge deal. not that i would know, but i hear it is.

im so srry for your aunt. i think you should tell her i believe it is wrong yo keep such an important fact a secret she doesnt know and so she isnt living her life to the ful you need to tell her so she can complete herlifes dream try moving the wedding up if she passes away at least she will see the wedding if she passes away then everyone will be too sad for the weddingg it will be hard on everyone so move the wedding up sonner and tell her the truth its the right thing to do she will do what she has always wanted to do if she knows if she doesnt she will take advantage of her possible last days on earth

praying for your aunt

nick o
pray because miracles DO happen

Figgero Xuan
love and prayer. hope A LOT.

Miracles do happen, but seldom. There are no natural cures that will work against an end-stage cancer. It would be better to be realistic and begin to prepare for what is going to happen. Also, without knowing the dying woman, I would suggest you tell her the truth.

You asked the doctors not to tell her? The doctors owe truth to the patient, not to sibs, nephews and neices; your aunt has the right and the need to know her prognosis so she can get her affairs in order and say her goodbyes, and so her loved ones can say goodbye to her. She's losing her life, don't let her lose the chance to die on her own terms.

Miracles can always happen, but it's very unlikley in this case; you are depriving your aunt of the greatest gift: Dying with Dignity.

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