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 What are the chances of my dad being cured of prostate cancer?
... he was diagnosed a couple months ago.....

 Why aren't flowers allowed in the oncology unit at the hospital?
My mom was moved to the oncology unit while she was in the hospital and there was sign that said there are no flowers allowed there and we couldnt figure out ...

 Is it phyiscaly possible for a cancer patient to have a heart attack?
I'm just wondering? Because this guy that works for my dad said that his dad has cancer and its gotten bad which we believe cuz you can't really play around wit that. But this dude has made ...

 Are there any cancer survivors in here if so what type?
I'm a Larynx Cancer Survivor. Now a laryngectomee......

 How can I donate my hair to cancer patients?
I live in Nova Scotia, Canada, and want to grow out my hair to donate to a wig-making foundation for sick children, adults, etc. I've heard a lot about Locks of Love but all I've found so ...

 What happens if you decide not to fight lung cancer?
How will it go?.How bad will it be?Will they give pain medication,dose it work? Will they put you in a coma before you suffacate?How long will you linger? How disabled will you get?How long can you ...

 What is tramadol?

 What is a malignant tumour?

 I'm writing a report on Skin Cancer...but I can't find any info. Help...?
I need help with my report on skin cancer. Could anyone help me please?...

 Will the new smoking band actually help ?
Do you reckon the new Smoking ban on 1 JUly 2007 will save so many lives, that people may believe is true!???...

 How do I noe if I hav e breast Cancer or not? Without goin to the doctor?
Ok i have lumps in my breast my mother says not all lumps are cancer though but i am not sure i am really scared but i dont wanna tell my mother that i think i have breast cancer....I really need to ...

 Should i be scared?
i want to live my whole life happily and die peacefully when im really really old.

cancer basically runs in my family. My mom had it, my grandpa had it, and my uncle died from ...

 Is smelling things that arent there a sign of brain cancer?

 Who here can help me?
my grandpa has been told he has cancer. they are not sure how long he has had it or how bad. he is currently trying to find out how bad it is. but he is in so much pain he cannot even eat. i dont ...

 What are the chances of a 14 year old getting breast cancer?

 Should I have a prostate biopsy?
I am 60 yrs old. I have regular prostate checkups and this most recent one, over one year, went from a PSA of 2.2 to 2.8. My free PSA is 16.7. I have no other symptoms.

My urologist ...

 During chemo, it is absolutely sure that you lose all your hair ???

 What are the risk factors for ovarian cancer?
my grandmother died in her 30's due to ovarian cancer and her mother died in her 60's also due to ovarian cancer. I am 21 but am having symptoms including fatigue and lower abdominal pain ...

 How to tell if u have mouth Cancer?
I have been chewin for about a year now and in the main back next to my last tooth i see a black spot,is that just a stain or could it be cancer??...

 My aunt died from breast cancer, can I inherit breast cancer?

Musicians affected by Cancer?
Anyone know of any musician's affected by cancer? Need help for a school project! They don't have to be affected by it themselves, could be a close relative that had cancer. If this is the case state so! Thank you!

Um Arnold Jacobs was a tuba player and he only had one lung but i don't know if he lost it to cancer....ok so i didn't really help here.

kay g
Olivia Newton John had breast cancer, Sheryl Crow also had cancer. and the artist who originally sang and wrote the song "the power of love", Jennifer Rush,lost her mother, Barbara Stern when she died of leukemia(blood cancer) in 1984, Hope that helps!!


a few musicians/singers who died of cancer:
Buddy Rich, Nat King Cole, Bob Marley, Celia Cruz, Mary Wells, Johnny Ramone, Warren Zevon, Dusty Springfield, Dizzy Gillespie, John Coltrane, Ian Dury, Sammy Davis, Jr., Frank Zappa, Chris LeDoux, Chet Atkins, Rosemary Clooney

Melissa Ethridge had breast cancer

There seems to be a number of musicians when I wiki'd Musician and Cancer. I would go to the supplied link and click on a few and select the one that you like the best.

Eddie Van Halen has cancer.

I believe Rod Stewart has/did have cancer as well...

East African Princess
anastacia the singer did.

Kylie, Anastasia, Olivia newton john, delta goodram

Bobby Cretin
George Harrison, he is now dead, of course.

sheryl crow, breast cancer

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