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Please give some information. Thank you.
Additional Details
My younger sister is detected with cancer....

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she hasnt long to live and would love to be able to grant this wish for ...

 MRI/CT scan a option?

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My husband had some test run last summer and we were told that he didn't have lymphoma. He has never gotten better so we have gone back to another Dr. and he is sending us to a cancer Dr. ...

 Does cannabis cause cancer? what other major health effects can it cause?

 It's about cancer medication, I can't think of the name but it was on TV?
It was a drug given to people with cancer who go under chemotherapy, it helped build white blood cells? my granddad is getting treated, but they haven't as far as I know offered him that. Im ...

 Does it matter to you if a person you like is a smoker?

 How effective is radiation therapy?

 If breast cancer recurs after having had masectomy, is the new growth usually harmless?
and what are the chances of getting cured again?...

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A family member has stage 4 lung cancer. He went through radiation on the brain and chemotherapy. Recent scans show that the cancer has shrunk and remained stable. However, the patient has ...

 Whta is the treatment and living chances in brain tumor patients?

 Aflac saying that mother had pre-existing condition when insurance was obtained BEFORE actual diagnosis.?
My mom got a job this year and after the normal waiting period was offered insurance through AFLAC starting on the 1st of July. About 2 weeks later, she went to the doctor because she had a lump in ...

Is stomach cancer rare of someone in their early thirties?
I'm going in on Monday for biopsies. My symptoms are beem upper abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting. They originally thought that it was my gall bladder, but other tests have ruled that out. My doctor told me to prepare for this as a diagnosis. We had thought that it may be ulcers, but the doctor said that I would have had some instances of blood in my vomit (I know its gross). Should I be worried?
Additional Details
Thank you for all the responses! These symptoms started around Thanksgiving and have been going on ever since. My diet has consisted of very bland foods (if that makes any difference) since then.

Joe T
You probably eat a lot of salty fat foods. This will cause this problem. Although, doctors are liars. They won't tell you about these cures www.naturalcures.com

Cancer targets people of all ages, sizes, and races. Although I would prepare for the bad news don't panic just yet. Wait until the results of the biopsy come in.
Good Luck!

Honestly, I don't think you should worry. It still could be any number of things, and stomach cancer is rare for someone at virtually any age, let alone their early thirties. Sometimes these stomach problems can be a little trickier than meets the eye, honestly.

One thing to understand is that there's a lot happening in the stomach, and the reason for biopsies are typically to rule out the worst case scenario, or at the very least, to catch it while it's completely treatable.

Don't worry till all the facts are in.

Edward W
Cancer can and will effect at any time regardless of age.

Dr. H2O
For stomach cancer yes, i would consider it very rare. It's possible your doctor diagnosed it incorrectly and the cancer might of metastasized from a different organ. Don't be worried, just be brave! Worrying will only assist the illness from spreading more.

tammy m
I don't want to alarm you, but a lady that I work with, her son at 7 years old was diagnosed with stomach cancer. He had been sick quite often, but she just thought he kept picking up bugs from school.

Well . . the word 'rare' is relative . . particularly if it happens to you. The doctors will rule out eveything before they suspect cancer. It looks like you may be at that point. And, so, yes it is possible for someone in their early thirties (any age actually) to have cancer.

But, until you have a definite diagnosis there is no sense in worrying about it. Your priority should be to persist until you have a definite diagnosis . . no matter what it is. Once you know what you have . . than you can deal with it.

Stay strong.

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