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 Chemo Therapy?
Does it hurt? Like the weekly treatments that people go in for do they hurt? I heard chemo hurts but what is the pain, and what is it that is hurting you?? T...

 I have a tumour in the outer opening of anus ,it can be cancer.?
surgery can cure it or not. tumour is button shaped& size& increasing without pain,...

 Howbad is level 4 in cancer?

 Who knows how to start a fundraiser..for a single dad with a three year old with cancer?
I am a single dad witha 3yr old with cancer...I am running out of money..and i want to find someway to raise it.....

 I have a massive phoebia, am I weird?
Mam got breast cancer 2 year ago and survived I later learned that My gran (breast) and grandad (stomach) died from it as well. Since then I have had a massive in fear of cancer as I have learned ...

 What is the survival rate for metastatic liver cancer? Is there any better treatments available?

 Should someone who has had staph infection be around a cancer patient who is undergoing radiation therapy?

 Im 13...and i have a sore breast. i might sound stupid but is there a chance i have breast cancer?
my mom had breast cancer.

My right breast, the lower part is sore wen i touch it. and theres a spot in it that is slightly harder then the left one. im rly scared. please ...

 Why is the "HRT causes cancer" story still news?
When i was a student 10 years ago i heard
that information.
Surely the studies should have been done back then
How long do these things take?
How many studies have there been?<...

 My mom experience bone cancer. Can Tian xian liquid cure bone cancer?
my mother experience bone cancer step 4. I have been adviced from some web site about chinese medicine called TIAN XIAN which claim that it can cure cancer even step4. I want to try but it is very ...

 Do foods such as tomatoes or red apples cause stools to have red spots/ streaks on them??
The reason why i ask this is that I have had at least two stools that I have noticed that part of them had red streaks on them ( not too many, just sporadically on a normally colored stool) , which ...

 My mother has breast cancer ,iwant to know about surviver ?

 How many ciggarettes do you have to smoke to get lung cancer?
i HAVE A FRIEND who has been smoking a long time and i am worried about her....

 How relevant is family history towards breast cancer?

 Is skin cancer hereditory?
My nan had skin cancer (she died of an unrelated illness, not of the skin cancer). no one in the rest of the family has had, or is currently suffering from, any type of cancer, but is skin cancer ...

 Blended water at high speed at least 1 minute - is that energized water?

 Is cancer hereditary?
Recently two of my aunts and my uncle were diagnosed with some form of cancer. These are my father's siblings. I was wondering if cancer is hereditary. My uncle has leukemia, one aunt has ...

 Where and how can I donate my hair for cancer patients?
I live in the dallas fort worth area and my hair is about 10in long and I'm going to cut it....

 Can pancreases cancer be healed?
i'm really worried about my 83-year-old neighbour. she had breast cancer and recovered bout now she's got pancreases cancer. is there anything that can be done except chemotheraphie? will ...

 My gf says she has cervical cancer?
Her cervical cancer came back. By getting this type of cancer, does this mean she has been with a lot of guys? Or is this something that you can get passed down?...

Is it humanly possible to die without suffering?
If there actually is a way to die without suffering what is it? It just sounds werid that you will be bound to suffer right before you die?!

Ham B
If you have cancer, I'm sorry, but you will suffer.

Actually, I think it's all about anticipatory fear... That's the source of suffering.

As a healthcare provider I can tell you that in this day and age it is ridiculous that anyone should suffer to dying. We have the technology and the medications to deal with this. Even severe cancer related pain can be controlled. Unfortunately, sometimes the medical system has to be prodded when it somes to pain control.......but if it's my family member......or one of my patients......I fight for pain control. It is possible.

Jeramie I
Actually when they give leathal injection they first put you under then they give a lethal dose of poison so you never wake up.

No, there is no such thing. When you die, no matter what, we all will suffer when we die, cause we will miss everything we did and didn't do while we are alive.

That all depends on your health really,when i get old and my time is up hope to die peicful in my sleep.


die of *something* in your sleep.
die in an explosion so intense you are vaporized in the first milisecond.
or suffer a trauma to the body so intense it shuts down your brain.

i like the explosion one.

in your sleep

There are many scenarios where you can die without suffering. Basically, it falls into two categories...the onset of a sudden catastrophic medical condition, such as a stroke or aneurysm, that just simply stops you in your tracks and you die....or mostly seen in the very old, where the person is fine one day, then their major organs...especially the heart...simply stops working....those are the people you hear about who "die in their sleep."

chilly bean
It depends on the cause of your death. I worked as a nurse for over 20 yrs. Some just pass away peacefully in their sleep.I also had cancer patients who did not have pain when they also passed away.Some was due to the medications they received, some was they experienced no pain, they received it through a much higher power than our medical knowledge could ever imagine.Yes it is possible to die without suffering.

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