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 Prostrate cancer has anybody had/got it? I need advice...?
My dad was diagnosed with prostrate cancer approx 3 years ago and has blood tests done every 6 months to check his blood count. His specialists told him if it goes above a count of 10 he will need to ...

If you have cancer does it hurt? Can you feel pain? What kind of pain is it?
I have a constant pain in my right pelvic.

Cancer pains are almost as painful as the medication involved in help curing the same. At times it become so unbearable that one feels that dying would be a better option. All these pains are contollabe by the new developments in science and one can rest assured that even though the pain will be there it will not be as severe a it could have been about even ten years ago.


The pain doesn't HAVE to be cancer - could be a cyst or ovary or any multitude of other things (even a groin pull or hernia).

But only way to find out is to go to a doc and have them take a look.

And BTW - cancer HURTS a lot.

29 months and still here

nite owl
Go to a doctor, my sister died of cancer and she was in ALOT of pain.


i have breast cancer, my right breast stayed sore and hurt all the time..now after surgery ,chemo,and radation .. i have all kinds of pains and feel like crap all the time.your pain sounds like a ovary ....

linda k
I think you are jumping to a conclusion here....constant pain on the right pelvic area can be many things, including appendicitus (referred pain) or an ovarian cyst or ......
Bottom line here, you need to seek medical attention!

well there are treatments for it such as radiation and chemo-therapy and yes it does hurt if you think you have lung cancer you should go to the dr immediately.

Depending on the cancer. They say "cancer is the silent killer". In my case that was true, for about a year. I have synovial sarcoma (which is cancer of the tissue and located in the joints). The tumor I had was located between my toes and eventually started to hurt terribly (especially when I'd get up after sleeping all night) when I walked. The pain became unbearable and that's when I turned to my Dr. and found out about my cancer.

WHen i had cnacer in my leg when the tumor was groing it was painful..so painful. other cancers do not hurt and when docs find it it is too late and people dont live long and it cannot be treated

Cancer in its early stages often causes no pain at all. As it becomes more advanced, it can be brutally painful. If you have any kind of constant pain you need to get it checked out. Don't let fear that it's cancer keep you from seeking treatment....it certainly won't get better by itself.


sOuL dOcToR
Homeopathy :- Can you please define your pain where exactly it is and what sort of a pain is it like how do you feel it and are there any other health issues or accompanying symptoms apart from this pain.
Give your details for a correct remedy.
Take Care and God Bless !

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