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If you have already had Breast Cancer can it come back?
Plz tell me, my best friends mom has had breast cancer, now the docters are sayin that she has it agian, Can she?

Democracy is coming ===>
Yes it can come back again. Maybe they werent aggressive enough in treating it the first time.


Make periodical visits to the doctor / hospital for regular checkup to see whether the cancer is coming back. Even with aggressive and appropriate treatments, breast cancer often spreads (metastasizes) to other parts of the body such as the lungs, liver and bones.
Please see the webpages for more details on Breast cancer.

Yes it can, that's what makes cancer so scarey, and that's what makes us cancer people never done with cancer. I have known people to be cancer free for 11 years, then it came back. I think a lot of people have this misconception of breast cancer, that it is always cured, that people don't get very sick from it, but that simply is not true. Not everyone dies from it, but enough do to keep me scared.

YES I'm afraid so .And I'm sure once your best friends mom gets over the shock again she really needs to find an Oncologist that specializes in Breast cancer recurrences and find out what is her best treatments ,there are Clinical Trials for people like her and she definitely needs to be apart of one so it won't spread any further.Breast cancer is treatable and beatable but your friends mom needs to research the best Doctors & Medical Centers in your state.Pray for your bestfriends mom and your bestfriends family.Tell your bestfriend allot of people unknown to her pray for families like their's.Be positive and keep the FAITH,

With out a doubt. Sorry to here about your friends mom. There are several yahoo groups about breast cancer. Also TONS of websites on the reoccurance of it. Again sorry for your friend and her mother.

yes,,,the doctors tell you its not when the cancer comes back its where it comes back.. but it allways comes back..

Sure. My mom had in 1973, and it came back in 1991.

Yes, it can come back. Most people that are diagnosed with breast cancer are told that if it doesn't come back within 5 years then you're "safe", but that isn't always true. Any type of cancer that you battle and beat can come back at any time. It will be good for your friends mom if they caught it early enough.

Yep. Cancer can always come back.

james c
definetely! The best way to keepyourself safe is having a good doctor and knowing what to watch for. Also, people can get a procedure called a PET/CT scan once a year to make sure the cancer has not come back.

i hope not, my nana and my best friend had it my nana died cause of it but my friend got rid of it i feel really sorry now!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so sorry to say yes. Many kinds of cancer
can relapse. Even by today's best methods of treatment.
But, remember it doesn't mean the end. She can again
go under treatment and become better and even live a
life with good quality. Try to keep her positive and strong.
I pray for you.
Good Luck

Yes. Cancer survivors can get cancer again either in the same location or in another location. My friends mother survived breast cancer only to have it come back 10 years later and with a brain tumor as well. The key is early diagnosis and treatment. Just b/c it comes back does not mean it can not be beaten again.

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