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Mr.Mungbean 1892 Legends FFPL
If someone is having chemotherapy, does all body hair fall out?
I am asking through curiosity as a close friend will shortly start treatment. I mean is it just his head hair that will fall out, or will his beard etc fall out too. Thanks for your answers and I hope this doesn't upset anyone. : )

im sorry to hear about your friend, but yes, all body hair should fall out because the chemotherapy destroys rapidly dividing cells, that means not only cancer cells but what controls the formation of hair too... apparently.

Romeo (786)
I think his entire body hair falls out. But once the treatment is over, it should gradually grow back.

Yes the hair everywhere will fall out. But not all people that have chemotherapy lose their hair, so he might not either.

Everyone is different, as are the chemotherapy treatments. I had chemotherapy last summer for breast cancer and I lost my hair, eye lashes, eye brows, all body hair. Every few weeks in between treatments I'd grow new stubble on my head, but then it would fall out again as soon as I had another treatment. It does grow back though!

There are different types of chemotherapy and different dosages that depend on disease type, stage, grade, the patients age, weight, and overall health. Not all chemotherapy causes hair loss . . but in general the type that does cause hair loss will make all hair on the body fall out. The chemo targets cells that divide and grow rapidly and cannot tell the difference between a hair cell that grows fast or a cancer cell that is growing. Once chemo is stopped the hair will grow back within a month or two.

Not all chemo will make your body hair fall out . .there are some chemo drugs where the hair remains but it removes all the pigment from hair and it turns white (targeted therapies such as sunitinib or sorafibnib).

Well, mine did. I'm not sure that happens to everyone, but it was awfully strange to me.

it depends on the type of chemo and how much of it they will need my grandmother had it for a year and didnt lose a hair but my mother in law is (only been for 2months) and her finger nails had fallen off (the whole thing) so it has different affects on people

it depends what kind of chemo drugs they will give him
my chemo made all body hair fall out every where my eye lashes and eye brows falling out last that's when i really look like a chemo patient hum!!
i can laugh now because after 6 months my hair has grown back even the beastly hairs on my chin ( i am a girl so you know i wished those had not grown back but they did)
A friend of mine her hair did not fall out

hope this helps It's a small price to pay for life

tiny Valkyrie
Even the most selective chemo drug kills most fast growing cells, so yes, his hair will most likely thin or fall out.
His beard, I'm not sure. My grandfather lost a good deal of his hair, but he still needed to shave when he was on chemo.

He's also likely to have very dry, sensitive skin that is prone to breakdown and/or ulcerate, get mouth sores, be very sensitive to temperature fluctuations, be prone to infection, and drugs like xeloda can cause the nails to fall out as well.

Cindy G
My boyfriend just finished chemo for colon cancer. He lost a lot of hair on his body BUT not his head . It got thinner but far from bald. My girl just had a double mastectomy and just started chemo,they said , she will lose it all . She needed to shave it and bought a wig. So, they are different chemo's and it all depends which one he has. My boyfriend has a good chance but my girlfriend may not. Good luck to your friend. This cancer is crazy.

I cannot speak for all chemo patients but in my own case I lost all my hair both head and body with the exception of my eyebrows which grew thinner. It has all come back. A friend had chemo at the same time but she did not lose her head hair and I did not know her well enough to ask about anywhere else.She passed on sadly.

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