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shihara g
If my mom has a breast cancer gene do i have it?
my mom is going to a geneoligist tomorrow because she has breas cancer and her mom died of ovarian cancer my mom also had thyroid cancer and 2 bouts of breast cancer
if she has a gene for cancer i know iv gotta be checked out but what exactly does that involve?? im only 17 and im 18 in february 20th 2008. i know its a long time but could i have breast cancer or can they find the gene in my body and eliminate it so i will NEVER have it?
im soo worried please help


lilly j
You have a 50% chance of getting it. There is no way to eliminate a gene. Just let your OBGYN know of your family's history and get a yearly check up. It could skip you so don't get too worked up about it. It's not curable but it is treatable.

You can be tested for it.

Well you need to be checked out, it's time for you to see the gyno anyway for your first PAP if you haven't already. A breast exam just involves the Dr. using his/her hands/fingers to feel around for any odd lumps. Doesn't hurt really. I know you're worried--my grandma, aunts, and mom all have had breast cancer. So far I'm cancer-free! (I hope you will be too!) They can to a blood test for a gene, but if they find it they will want to do a complete double mastectomy. Not something to enter lightly into given the gene means just a CHANCE of getting breast cancer. Your best bet is to check yourself monthly and yearly exams by the gyno and likely by the time you're my age (30) they'll want a mammogram (that's what I get for my b-day this year!) to base everything else the rest of your life on. Good luck!

Maeve N
Your mum is just going for a check ... it doesn't mean she has the gene. And even if she does, it doesn't mean that you have the gene. I appreciate you are worried, but you need to put things in perspective. If your mum does have the gene, your aunts and female cousins may also be asked if they want to check for the gene. I don't know what country you are in, but I doubt the test is compulsory - so you don't have to take it. Prior to taking any test though, you should talk to a counsellor. I'm from Ireland , and here, if you want to be tested, you need to speak with a counsellor first - it's very important, because among other things, you need to consider what benefit there is to knowing , and how you will use that information. ... there is no known way of preventing breast cancer, what there is, is treatment after diagnosis. You are possibly too young (here it's 30) to benefit from a mammogram... but you can check your breasts and notify your doctor of irregularities. Given that your mum has already had breast cancer in the past, you could ask her medical team for advice. Aside from the possibility of genetic predisposition, there are no proven causes for the development of breast cancer... while it can happen to anyone (men included) ... it doesn't mean it will definitely happen to you. Talk to the medical team / doctor about getting information and adice. : )

early detection and diagnosis can be the best prevention and for the doctors to decide what is medical treatment to be done. there is a little percentage for you to get cancer because this can be inherit.good luck

I would say you have a 50/50 chance.

Hey, I'm about the same age as you and my mom has breast cancer too. From what I know, we (as the daughters) has a slightly higher chance to get cancer compared to others whose parents/grandparents do not have cancer. However, the cancer does not always happen.
I think it's impossible to detect the gene at such an early age of ours and to eliminate it. But, we should go for regular check-up when we reached the age of 20s/25. Then, if any signs of cancer is detected, early treatment can be done so it won't spread to other part of body. Early detection does help much to treat cancer.
I hope this helps you not to worry too much.

Depends. Every human has 2 sets of genes. One set contributed by the mother and one set by the father. If the gene is dominant, you have a 75% chance of inheriting the trait. If the gene is recessive, you have a-25% chance. You can get a genetic test to determine for sure if you have the gene. Of course, I am assuming the gene you are referring to is BRCA1, BCRA2 or, one of the known breast cancer associated genes there are tests for.

Just because you are a carrier of a gene does not necessarily mean you will get cancer. Cancer is a multi-step process of accumulating genetic mutations. One gene is only one step.

I don't think genetics can be changed in that way yet, you should convince your mother to take you for a checkup also to determine your possible risks of developing cancer, also find out what foods you can eat to lower those risks and what foods you should not eat that will damage your body. What you eat today is walking and talking tomorrow, if you eat junk your body will behave as such and if you eat healthy fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and water your body will grow to be healthy, also remember to exercise daily you don't have to do hour long workouts, just 2 mintues or 5 mintues anything that you can do will help.

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