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Astrid Beau Bega Belda Calixte
I keep getting a sore on my lip could it be cancer?
For several months now I've kept getting what I think is a cold sore on my lip, in the same place, everytime, it doesn't pop up anywhere else. My dentist prescribed me Valtrex to prevent the oral herpe from popping up, but it doesn't work anymore. I can feel a hard ball in my lip and it does hurt. I just turned 24 and I do spend ALOT of time in the sun. My mom just had skin cancer removed.
Am I being paranoid because of my mom's cancer?
Or could I possibly have skin cancer in my lip?

No.... a form of HIV !!

i don't think

I think you have a cyst of a salivary gland in your lip. See an oral surgeon for removal and your problem should be solved

to whom it may confide
it doesnt sound like skin cancer from what you say here , skin cancer usually occurs on areas of the skin that are exposed to the sun a lot or the skin cells start acting improperly due to genes or other causes , the most common place that skin cancer arises is on the arms or legs , not usually the mouth. if you are that worried you can go to another doctor and he'll tell you what it is , i am sure that it is just a cold sore (herpe) as your dentist had said.

its easy as ABCD

check the Asymetrical of the sore. if its not the same all around it could be cancer

check the Base of the sore, does it spread out to other areas.

Colour is important, regular sores only have 1 or 2 colours. if you see more that 2 colour on your sores. it can be cancerous.

Diameter,i cant say if we can apply this to your sore but if the diameter is huge like bigger that 3 cm, it can be cancerous

finally get a second opinion at a dermatologist.

It doesn't sound like external skin cancer because that usually doesn't heal and then come back. However, it does signal the possibility which is small because of your age. Definitely, go see a dermatologist ASAP, because whether or not this is cancer it needs to be treated.

hahaha no, juz replace ur toothbrush!! its old or very hard it keeps on piercing on ur lip. get a super soft toothbrush if ur skin is sensitive

Cancer would be the worst scenario but don't panic! It's probably a recurring cold sore caused by the same virus that causes chicken pox. You say you spend a lot of time in the sun and this alone can cause a cold sore to pop up over and over. Please see a doctor right away so you can relax!

you could be being paranoind...but if your dentists thinks its a herpe..then thats prob all it is..if it bothers you that much...then plz go to the doc..he/she is the only one who will truly know!

Maybe it's a canker sore:

Signs and symptoms of canker sores may include:

Painful sore or sores inside your mouth — on your tongue, under your tongue (soft palate), inside your cheeks or lips, and at the base of your gums
Tingling or burning sensation prior to appearance of the sores
Round, white sores with a red edge or halo
You also may experience the following signs or symptoms, though they may not be related to the canker sores:

It could be skin cancer. I had the same thing on my lip 3 years ago and just thought it was a cold sore also. After about 6 months I asked my doctor and he had me go to another doctor who said it was skin cancer. About a week later he removed it. It was a very minor surgery but he chose to do it in the hospital, It took about 20 minutes and 2 stitches. In a couple weeks it was healed up with almost no scar. No big deal so have it checked. Waiting too long could be a bigger problem. I have started using a sun screen for lips, like a lip stick.

hey watevr. a cancer is nothing fo us 2 play wit so dont just ask us
coz idont think v r able 2 give u a proper answer
so if u suspect/feel that this is a cancer.
dont just stay in front of that computer
run run 2 a doc nd give yo self a check up
cos they say the only way by which they can cuore a cancer is by detectin it early
so i dont find any reson y u sud b at home askin others so hurrry run 2 a doctor bettr if its some person specialized in cancer.
nd i wish that its not a cancer

Be smart and use sunblock everyday, even if you are not planning to be in the sun. Go see a dermatologist. Shin cancer is showing up in women under 30 quite often these days.

SusanS, Incognito
You should go to a dermatologist to put your mind at ease.

dont worry my freind
if u start thinking too much ull end up going mad.
if does not get alright in4 days consult ur doc.

visit your local doctor

You should get that tested by a doctor, it would give you peace of mind.

C K Platypus
Visit your regular Doctor.


it is not cancer do u have braces or stop biting ur lip if u can and don't pop it put orejel on it and it will go away thats whats happened to me and it went away forever trust me do it....

Ask for 2nd opinion from another doctor.

It is quite possible to have skin cancer at that early an age. Squamous cell is likely if you are very fair. My husband had it on his lips at age 30, but be forewarned, the treatment was quite painful.

But, the overwhelming odds are that it is benign. See a dermatologist about this.

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