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 Is It Right To Operate On A Cancer Patient, Then Close Them Back Up Not Getting Rid Of The Cancer Itself..?
And then let the patient slowly die, i think this is cruel and inhumane do to this to humans. This is what happened to my aunt, its only a matter of time before she dies. She Has Oral Cancer in her ...

 Companies profiting from cancer is a social problem that is making it harder for people to stay/get healthy.?

Can you think of a policy that would address that underlying problem?...

 Why are people so afraid of the word cancer????
there ARE treatments out there and all is not lost if you are diagnosed with cancer. my dad has cancer and it now getting chemo, i have all faith in God that he will pull through.
but i think ...

 Can i claim money for my fathers funeral?
He was,nt insured, had no money to leave and was on a state pension. He lived with his partner in a residential home....

 Is it possible to get cancer in any part of your body?

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i mean like your toe or your ear lobe ...

 Father in law has cancer and to die any minute?
I can't believe this. My father in law left my husband and the whole family for another women and really didn't care about what her left behind. Only for everyone to suffer. My huband as ...

 What is the likelyhood of a male under 17 years old getting breast cancer?

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I am asking because I had a small lump behind my nipple but after going to the doctors he said it is just something you get through adolesants called a breast bud or ...

 How do you cope with family member under going chemotherapy?
its my dad (or step dad really). Hes changed so much, hes started to swear, blames the kids on silly things, even shouts at the pets!! We know its the medication, but my poor mam is worn out at this ...

 Does eating meat really cause cancer, heart disease & strokes?
It said so on the PETA website...
so? D:
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btw - I'm not a PETA supporter and I want serious answers, please....

 How can i help my boyfriend cope when his grandpa dies?
My boyfriend is really close to his grandpa, who is in the hospital dying of cancer and probably won't make more than another day or two. He doesn't deal well with loss and things of that ...

 What could it be?
i found a painful lump in my left breast im 14 weeks preg and have a doc appt for tomm but it couldn be cancerous.could it can you get cancer while preg im only 18 help< plz dont be rude

 What is the metastatic canser?
metastatik tomors in liver we cant find its source we did andescopy colonoscopy and biopsy. blood hormon test hasnot show any signal serogikal test show a highSGPT and SGOPT...

 I WAS just diagnosed with stomach cancer, has anyone else on here went through that and how hard was it?

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 Cancer support?
What is your definition of 'Support'?
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 Why don't we use people on Death Row to test new drugs? How much faster would we cure aids or cancer?

 My brother got CLL at 45 and now his health poor. His last hope is a bone marrow transplant. Is it safe?
He has received chemo and radiation over the past few years. Now his body is rejecting these treatments. He is hospitalized now with pneumonia....

 How long before your hair falls out after starting chemotherapy?

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The reason i ask, is because my 13year old son just had his first chemo treatment, and is afraid of losing his ...

 WELL the cancer that my mom had isCERVICAL CANCER and the one that my aunt has isNON-HODGKIN'S LYMPHOMA?

I heard that drinking water that has sat in a car and got hot can give women breast cancer... is that true?

i heard the same thing, but anyone that bottles anything keeps it stored in a hot ware house before shipping out. so therefore i don't understand why anyone would make a statement as this. its virtually impossible. i also heard that they put a small amount of arsenic in the water to keep it preserved. so why would anyone buy bottled water? all the water that we drink comes from recycled sewage. dosen't that sound nasty. i have well water, some things seep into the ground i dont know what i don't care where we eat or what we drink we take the chance of being poisoned in some fashion. we just have to live our lives. when it comes our time, life will cease to exist for each and everyone of us.

I have on Obama's Glasses
Think about how that water sets in a transport truck to go to the grocery store. Do you think it gets refrigeration during delivery to the store.. NOT!
You never know how long it sets on the isles in the warehouse heating up and cooling off for sometimes weeks, getting ready for the long trip in the back of the hot truck to the grocery store.
People are so "fooled" by the idea of "bottled" water being better for them.

I heard a rumor that reusing a plastic bottle over and over (especially exposed to all that heat) was suppose to increase the chances of cancer...I do know the study said the bacteria is higher in those bottles.

People A
There are a lot of different factors that can lead to breast cancer including your genes and being overweight in post menopausal. Have never heard of the water in a hot car one. I sometimes drink water or coke that has sat in a hot car.

No, that is just one of those rumors that gets spread around. No one knows for sure what causes breast cancer but hot water is not a cause.

Bernette W
Water bottles made today are pretty inert, which means there isn't much transference of the plastic molecules to water, if any. I would worry more about the bacteria levels in reused water bottles. Washing helps in between refills. Better to use water bottles specifically made for reusing, such as Nalgene or sports bottles. Wash daily.

I actually heard this from Sheryl Crow on the Oprah Winfrey Show. She said that plastic molecules in the bottle, when heated, will transfer to the water. These plastics are said to be carcinogens (cancer causing) but from what I understand, breast cancer is not the only type of cancer they are attributed to causing. Perhaps whoever told you heard it from Sheryl Crow as well, as she is recovering from breast cancer and was talking about it on the show. For the same reason, you should not use plastic wrap in a microwave to cover your food. It heats up and transfers to the food it touches. Always take frozen dinners out of their plastic containers. I will check it out on snopes.com, but I would think Sheryl would know, since she has had the terrible experience of breast cancer. She was also engaged to Lance Armstrong, so she was privy to a lot of information.

yeah. my mom told me the same thing!!
it's bad!!!!

No, it's an urban myth/legend, originating from a hoax email that was widely circulated last year.

These links give the facts behind these rumours/hoaxes about plastic water bottles and breast cancer. As you'll see, Oprah Winfrey's company, Harpo, denies that Sheryl Crow ever made those remarks



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