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 Colon cancer?
my mother just went to the hospital for a cold, but she was only in the hospital for 5 days, now they're saying she's got colon cancer, but she went to the top hospitals in the city of ...

 Do u think there will be a cure for cancer?
im just wondering. someone said its like the 2nd most deadly disease. is that true? do u htink there will ever be a cure?...

 OMG! i think i have cancer...PLEASE! anyone who would know?!?
so i was changing my shirt and i noticed a little bump near my underarm and breast. it is raised and ny normal skin color. i dont know what it is!
if any one is a doctor or knows anything that ...

 Help i have a problem?
i have a bone tumor and there is a good chance it could be cancer it's going to cost major big bucks for surgery. I'm only 11 and i can't help my parents out financialy. I think there ...

 What vitamins are good to keep cancer at bay?
I am currently taking multi-vits, folic acid, omega 3/6, eve primrose oil and vitamin e do I need to be taking any more?...

 My mom is starting chemo in august. can anyone give me a basic summary of what could/will happen?

Additional Details
- breast cancer.
- all the cancer was removed.
- they found it at stage 1.
- chemo will be 3 months long....

 Do cigars or ciggarets show up on a drug test?

 Is there a cure for stomach cancer?

Additional Details
Like after 23% of your stomach is infected? If so what would it be?...

 I have cancer?
what can i do to be ...

 Why would the surgeons want to prolong her agony and slow death?
my mother is 55 years old and for the past 12+ years she has been complaining of all the symptoms of bilary duct disease. it has only been recently that they have diagnose her with that. every time ...

 Could i have cancer?????????
I'm 22. I have a lump on the side of my head.. right under my ear lobe.. and its been there for like 3 months now. It hurts a lot sometimes.

Lately i've had really, really ...

 If your wife has breast cancer...and people tell you to "Be Strong". What does that mean?
How can I support my wife? I tell her how much I love her and that we will see this through together, is that "being strong"?...

 Can anyone point to a any success using embronic stem cells?
It seems to me that if there was so much success with embronic stem cell research you should be able to provide me with some. I don't want to hear about hope and dreams of what it can do, just ...

 My mother got 2 weeks to live.?
hello people..my mother had a breast cancer operation 5 yrs ago. the doctor had to remove a breast to stop the spreading of the disease..then she had a chemotherapy session throughout these years.....

 Has anyone on this site ever survived CANCER?

 Effects of morphine and how it can be taken???
help! we have a test at school.. we have to do about certain drugs, their effects and how they can be taken? ..... others i am cool with but i really need help with morphine.... ASAP PLEEASE!...

 When people die from cancer?
is it a painful death? so much agony, burning, and torture?

or is it light or in their sleep? do they just drop dead or do they hurt for hours or days?

please.. i need to know....

 Another Chemo question?
My husband is starting chemo next week. We have heard everything we need from the doctors, but we want to hear from people who have actually been through it themselves. How long were the treatments? W...

 How can i raise money for my dad to get treatment for lukemia?

 Ovarian Cancer?
My gyno has recently said i might have Endo. but i have knots and back pain which is one of the signs of ovarian cancer.. What are my chances of having this.. my gyno is also getting me to go get a ...

I have a lump that appeared on my lower leg, it doesn't hurt, any ideas?
I've seen the doctor & they don't really know what it is, just that it appears to be a soft tissue mass. I've had x-rays & they don't show anything. Also, my foot sometimes goes to sleep for no reason.


It sounds like plain and simply fatty gristle. My dad had to have something like that removed from his arm, it caused pins and needles and numbness. Its nothing but if it is bothering you you can have them removed


Could be a fatty tumor, or sebatous lypoma

Blood clot?

You need to see a specialist.


Janie J
Could be an infected cyst, or a boil, or a tumor, or a vericose vein that popped, etc. Better ask the doctor,. better safe than sorry later.

I've had this before... sometimes people get "knots" under their skin. My doctor said it was common. After a few weeks, it went away.

Did the Dr say if the lump was located in the fat of your leg or in the muscle? If it is located in the fat you are probably ok but I would still get a second opinion if the lump keeps growing. If the lump is located in or attached to your muscle than I'd get a second opinion. You did not say how old you are but if you are under 40 then younger people have a small chance of developing several types of rare soft muscle cancers that need specialized care in order to ensure survival. The numbness would also have me concerned. I think I'd see a orthopedic oncologist if there was any suspicion of cancer. Do not panic but watch this lump carefully. good luck



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