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I have a abnormal high white blood count my dr says inflamation somewhere in my body or lukemia help?
i wantto know what causes abnormaly high white blood cells my dr says inflamation in the body or lukemia but does not seem to be going any furter with testing

An elevated number of white blood cells is called leukocytosis. This can result from bacterial infections, inflammation, leukemia, trauma, or stress.

Leukemia is a bone marrow disorder that arises when one abnormal white blood cell begins to continuously replicate itself. These cells do not function normally, they do not fight infection as they should, and they do not die at the same rate as other WBCs. As they accumulate, they inhibit the production of the other normal blood cells in the marrow, leading to anemia, bleeding, and recurrent infections. Over time, the leukemic cells spread through the bloodstream where they continue to divide, sometimes forming tumors and damaging organs such as the kidney and liver. Since the spleen is responsible for filtering the blood and destroying old cells, it may become enlarged and swollen with the abnormal cells, as can the liver and lymph nodes. If the cells reach the central nervous system and build up in the cerebrospinal fluid that supports the brain and spinal column, they can cause headaches and seizures. Leukemia can be acute or chronic, with acute is easier to treat, and shorter termed. Test for auer rods within WBCs (common in acute condition, if leukemia is present).

Inflammation is characterized by several familiar signs, redness, swelling, heat and pain. To understand inflammation is to understand how and why these signs develop. Inflammation can sometimes be triggered inappropriately (e.g., by allergies or autoimmune diseases). Many common medical treatments (e.g., Aspirin and other "anti-inflammatory agents") are intended to relieve the discomfort and/or reduce the attendant tissue disturbance that inflammation may cause. In addition, a combination of vasodilation with thickening of the blood (due to fluid leaking out of the vessels) causes a slowing of flow rate, which encourages leukocytes or white blood cells (leuko = white, cyte = cell) to stick to the sides of the vessels. This is called "margination" or "pavementing". From here the leukocytes crawl between the endothelial cells and enter the inflammed connective tissue. Increased metabolic activity associated with leukocyte activity also generates heat (calor), contributing to local warmth.

Either way, your doctor should have more cause for concern. If you have leukemia, it is always better to start your treatments sooner than later. If you are having inflammation, something must be causing this problem, be in infection or autoimmunity, and it can be treated with antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs.

Maybe you should seek a second opinion. Hopefully, that person will be more concerned with your health.

Goodluck and Take Care!

There is a blood disease that is abbreivated ITP. I don't know much about this, or if this is something you could have at all . . .BUT I had a friend who had a blood test, and the doc initally said it looked like Lukemia, very high white blood cells. After a lot more testing, they found out it was ITP.

Get another doctor or go to a second doctor. They need to be doing the research and running tests until they find out what is going on with your body.

Good luck!

Yes, you might have infection somewhere. What about your rbc count? The best thing is see a hematologist.

Joachin Murrieta
If you have no symptoms, it is difficult to test you for the correct problem. If your Dr. isn't testing your for anything else, he/she must no think that your WBC is abnormal enough to warrant any more testing at this point. If leukemia was suspected, I guarentee that you would getting a battery of tests right now.

Kate the Great
It might be time to get a new doctor then....although I think that a high white blood cell count is usually caused by infection or something along those lines. Some info from the Mayo Clinic:

White blood cells (leukocytes) help fight infection in your body. A normal white blood cell count is between 4,500 and 10,000 cells per microliter. A high white blood cell count (leukocytosis) isn't a specific disease. But it may indicate an underlying problem that requires medical evaluation. Causes of a high white blood cell count include:

* Infection
* Use of certain medications, such as Corticosteroids,
antibiotics or anti-seizure drugs
* Severe physical or emotional stress
* Chronic bone marrow diseases such as a
myeloproliferative disorder
* Acute or chronic leukemia
* Tissue damage, such as from burns

I had the same thing, my Dr told me it was an infection somewhere in my body, I had X-Rays, took antibiotics, even went to a Hematologist!! They found nothing, no cancer, no infection, I went to a follow appointment I had and my white blood cell count was back to normal, and it has been since April '07

Your white blood cells are the first line of defense against foreign bodies or infection, so if there is a high number of WBC's it most likely just means your body is actively fighting it off. Change doctors, and get a blood screening.

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