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 Is it ok 2 be treated wid radiation therapy after chemotherapy?

 Does Hot Dogs cause cancer later in life?

 Breast Problem?
I have been ill for quite awhile (maybe 8 months?) and have had alot of fatigue, but doctors could never find why. But I've had a lump under my nipple that I haven't told anyone about yet. W...

 How can Ifind out if someone has passed away?
i was told that a ex-boyfriend of mine was killed about 4 maybe 5 yrs ago. Where would I look to see if this is true or not....

 Help! My father in law has cancer and I need to know . . .?
He was diagnosed with Lymphoma last Wednesday. The doctor said to come at 4:45 today. He told my F-I-L that he would most likely be there in consultation until at least 7 pm, and to bring his wife ...

 Why isn't there more focus on the prevention of cancer?
Whatever happened to the concept of prevention? There are too many cancer cases that are preventable through living a healthier lifestyle. Whether it is quitting smoking, eating more vegetables, or ...

 Cancer, i'm so scared?
i find out tomorrow whether or not my tumors in the back of my head and side of my neck are cancerous. I'm so scared. what are some good coping techniques to calm myself down before i go, and ...

 I might hv CANCER...should i ?
Last Friday,I went for a rountine annual checkup and the doc hv detected a tumor but could not confirm if its cancer once further tests are completed.I m scared that if its cancer, should i tell my ...

 What's it like to know you're going to die?
Like if you have cancer or some disease and you know you're going to die early..or even in just a few years. Does anyone have cancer and know they're going to die soon? How does it feel......

 If you have cancer and you are told you have a mass in your chest is serious?

 Ladies and physicians only please?
Does anyone out there think that bras, antiperspirants, and mammographys can cause breast cancer?...

 Can black people get Skin Cancer?
I know about whit people can get skin cancer but What about black people??? I just ask y'all......

 My friend has recently been diagnosed with cancer. She's in the hospital frequently, what do i take her?
I really don't like hospitals, but i know that is selfish and she enjoys company. I want to take her something to cheer her up, and maybe keep her occupied. I've taken her a card so far. W...

 My dad was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. He starts chemo soon & I want to make a gift basket. Any ideas
I am thinking about small items that would assist him during this time, such as a travelling pillow or heating pad. Thanks for your help....

 Is chemotherapy good for cancer patients ??? is there any side effects?

 My uncle has cancer and no insurance. Doctors have turned him away. Who can help him. He is fading fast.?
My uncle was recently diagnosed with some rare cancer and does not have medical insurance. He has tried to apply for medical but has been denied. He does not have much money because he had to quit ...

 My work includes cutting sticks of cigarettes into small bits. Would smelling tobacco cause cancer in long run
My work includes cutting sticks of cigarettes into small bits. But I do not smoke. Would constant inhaling of tobacco smell/odour cause cancer in the long run?...

 In the past 10 years have more people survived or died from cancer?

Additional Details
Im talking about all cancers combined. Im a cancer suvirvor. I personally think more have survived....

 "I want to know what caues a person to break out in a sweat and then pass out"?

 Interesting ways to get Cancer?
i am doing a research paper on cancer and i need a topic. examples of things im looking for is like cancer from tanning beds or microwaves. thanks for the help....

How to get help my mom has brain and lounge cancer and we need help on her bills and house payment....?
we found out my mom had brain cancer then that it spreaded from her lounges.i am trying all i can do to help her and so is my step dad but he got fired from his job becuse he had to help me take care of my mother.so now we are trying to get help on the bills and house payment plus mom dont got insurence so its hard to get her medacian she needs.if any one has any ideas can you please help use out.i also have 3 small children and prg all i want to do is be able to help my mom get better so we can have are family back to normal she such an angel she would do any thing for anyone when she is in good health.so if any one could please help it would be so nice

shes dying, so just give up on the meds, you arent responsible for her bills, so just let her go quietly and let the county bury her.this will ruin everyones life if you let it. im really sorry, but i had to deal with this with my mother too.

You need to be realistic.
She has metastatic lung cancer to the brain.
Therefore she has terminal lung cancer, stage 4.
You can get your mother medicaid.
You probably need to try to sell her house.
And you may want to get Hospice in to help take care of her.

In a country that can wage war costing billions, this situation is disgusting. My sister, God bless her died the same way in 1995. She rec'd the best of care and all the drugs needed. It didn't cost the family a cent. In Canada we have socialized medicine and hospitalization. We all have Canada Pension Plan which more than covers funeral expenses. I'm sorry dear, this is no help to you or your mom. The suggestions by the others, who are probably Americans, would know better what you have to do. God bless you, your mom and family, I wish I could at least say something more than God Bless & all my love Doug W. Halifax NS

i went through this same thing 1st thing is try to spend all the time you can with your mom it's hard i know my mother had lung and brain cancer she just passed in July
you can get her on Medicaid for her health ins and meds also there is alto of web sites like American lung and the one that helped us out alot was cancer-care another thing we did was had a benefit dinner sold tickets $5.00 a plate of BBQ pork the VFW helped us it raised over 3,000 dollars alot of churches will also up
stay strong and make happy memories for yourself and your kids with their grandma I'm glad i did they told me my mom only had 4months to live she was never sick she lasted 11 months you and your family will be in my prayers good luck and god bless

You need to go to the case management department of the hospital where your mother has recieved treatment and ask them for help completing an application for public assistance and a medical card in the state where you live. They can help you get food stamps
They can also assist you with filling out the paperwork to obtain free or reduced price medications thru the drug companies.
Also, please go to your township and fill out an application for assistance making her house payments.
You also can go to the local welfare department to find out where to get an application for energy assistance, so her utility bills are paid this winter.

The Salvation Army or a local church may be able to help you. Ask the hospital to assign a case worker to her. They will find help.

Go to the red cross they will help with food and rent and electric also go to the city hall where you live and they will help and also go to the human services in your area, no income the welfare will help with everything. I am sorry for your Mom, I will pray for her. Good luck honey.

Social Security or SSI can be a big help along with Welfare and local churches. Look in your local phone book under government offices. My mother-in-law has stage 4 lung cancer as well. I have taken on most of her care so I had her sign a Health Care Surrogate and a Power of Attorney so I can fill out all her paper work and go to her appointments with these companies for her. The Social Security office was amazing. They processed her disability claim very quickly and were such a big help. Good luck to you and your family.

talk to the socail worker at the hosp or clinic where your mom gets her treatment , they can help

Let your needs be known to your minister or priest - they will do whatever they can to get help for you.

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