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I recently finished radiation therapy to the brain for a small cell tumor (5cm/5cm, left hemisphere) and I wish to fight it w/ other options as well.

Will vitamins reduce to effectiveness ...

 Breast cancer chanches of reoccuring in older women?
breast cancer for approx. 1 year...am afraide of reoccurance in my age bracker....over 69 years ...

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I have a couple big moles and cysts that could be skin cancer. I am getting checked thursday. Should I avoid the sun at work ? I am out for usually 2 hours ...

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 Cancer how do you help?
my friend has a son same age as my son they both just turned20 this year, my son has been in and outof trouble, i'm broke always have been, she's not rich, they have always been there for ...

 Am I too young to have bowel cancer???
I'm a female and I'm only thirteen.
My doctors are toying with a number of different possibilities but its driving me crazy coz they havn't figured it out. Recently one suggested ...

 Have you heard of ALL cancer?
And if you have do you know of any survivors?...

 What welcoming words does a diseased person need to hear that can possibly lead to healing?

 Why are Cancer drugs so expensive. The manufacturing process must be similar to other drugs.?
and there are all the cancer research charities to help with funding....

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 What is your pinion on embryonic stem cell research?Do you REALLY believe you'll find cures?

Additional Details
srry I ment O...

 Is it possible for those who are 13 yrs. old can have a breast cancer?
can somebody help me to answer this question?...

 Does the juice from the leaves of the PAW PAW tree really cure cancer?
I recently met a gentleman who was diagnosed with in-opperable double lung cancer and was told to get his affairs in order and enjoy what little time he had left by his medical carers. He learn'...

 What do i have to look forward to?
my mother was just diagnosed with cancer, she most likely will be going threw kemo (however you spell it), what do i have to look forward to? as in, how is this going to effect her?...

 Does anyone know how a person can get cancer treatment if thier insurance has denied their claim?
My nephew has been diagnosed with maxilliary sinus cancer. . A portion of the nasal sinus cancer was unable to be removed via surgery due to the locations of the cancer on a nerve in Joe's ...

 Skin cancer!?
i have a small flat spot on my leg and its a really dark sorta black spot..iv herd storys of people gettin skin cancer and i was just wondering if my spot might be it? i do have a history of goin to ...

How many people are killed annually from smoking marijuana?
And how many cancer cases are a result of pot smoking?

Ken and Wendy M
I'm not sure of any cases???

None. You CANNOT die from smoking Marijuana, unless you smoke you entire body weight in less than half an hour - which of course cant be done.
"Regular Pot Smoking Won't Kill, Kaiser Researchers Determine

David Perlman, Chronicle Science Editor

In one of the largest marijuana studies ever conducted, researchers have concluded that regular pot smoking does not cause death, but that branding its use a crime may itself pose a health hazard by exposing users to criminals and violence. "

Plenty, I guess - not because of the maijuana but smoking. On the flip side at least they die on a high!!

happy daze
Thank you.

I really do not know how many people have been killed from smoking Marijuana...not many in my town.

But there sure has been a lot of deaths due to drinking and driving.
I would rather see someone light a dubie than throw up from having such a good time last night.

I thought that Marijuana has more Tar than cigarettes....or maybe it is just the way the Manufactures harvest the cigarettes in those polluting factories.

Either I way would rather Harvest my own, at least I know where the next chemical is coming from, even it is just Miracle Grow.

Recently a study was done in California (gee, I wonder why) where they compared a group of non-smokers to a group of heavy marijuana smokers. They heavy marijuana smokers had a zero percent increased chance of developing lung cancer than the non-smokers, a total surprise to the researchers.

Marijuana is a much better, safer drug, but it would be ridiculous to make it legal. It would be much better to make the most dangerous and addictive drugs, tobacco and alcohol, readily available and socially acceptable. There's more $$$ involved that way.

In response to the person that made the comment about people smoking pot and driving...really how many times have you heard of accidents due to someone being stoned??? Now how many did you hear about the person was drunk...HELLO!!! I have only smoked pot maybe ten times in my life, I am 29, but I do not see it as a physical threat to myself or anyone else. Lets run down the list...
1.) most people don't get stoned and get behind the wheel and kill people...it does not completely impair mind, vision, reaction time, etc... alcohol does.
2.) when was the last time you heard about a husband getting stoned out of his mind and beating his wife and kids...probably never!
3.) it has never been proven to truly harm anyone...doctors and nurses give it out pill form (Marinol) to patients and the government still supplies it to 12 people in the united states.
So if it is bad why are doctors and the government handing it out.
There are many places that it is 100% legal. In my opinion this world would be a better place if they outlawed alcohol and legalized marijuana. Most people smoke it, chill out and eat...other than weight gain which is already an issue, I don't see any health issue with it. And don't forget the government word for marijuana is "medicinal cannibus" because they use it as medicine.

Vince M
Every marijuana user who has ever lost control of his car is putting his life and the lives of every other person on or near the same road, at risk.

So, it seems your question was not asked properly.

Second, I developed severe emphysema from the regular application of harsh marijuana smoke into my lungs. I'm not dead yet, but I am not ready to deny that emphysema kills people.

Also, do research on cancers of the lips, tongue and throat before you post this kind of question again. It's one thing to say, "I read where ...." It's another thing to claim to know a truth when one does not do the research for themselves.

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