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how far can it spread? like to what parts of your body?
Additional Details
i did look it up;; dude you think this is th first place i come to? hell no....

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Im A Bit Of A Worrier.
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i was worrying ...

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How many cigarettes in a box of marlboro?
my dad buys a box of Marlboro about every 10 days. I'm trying to figure out how many he smokes a day..
so knowing how many packs are in a box would help
also how many cigarettes in a pack?
also any ideas how to make him quit? :(
thank you

i dont smoke but my wife does

i love my garden
I've no idea how many pkts in a box except - too many for his health

I would try to get fabric with pictures on it of his favourite things. eg cars, animals, aeroplanes or whatever he likes doing. Pick his favourite colour in a plain fabric.

then with your fabric just cut out 6" squares and alternate them
Do about 6-7 across and 8-9 down. then put a border of 3" all round and you now have a quilt top that any man would enjoy.

wool wadding for the middle and plain fabric on the back and then you might need help to join it all together.

Good luck

SubwayGirl is correct. Both on the numbers and that your dad has to be the one to want to quit. By the way, that is about one pack a day, which though it is not really light, its not heavy either. Some people smoke 2 and 3 or more packs a day.

He is an adult. He is very well aware of the health risks. He won't quit until he is ready. If you try to make him quit or nag about it, you will only get yourself in trouble.

10 packs, 20 cigs. Ask him what is more important, his death or your life.

A box holds 200 cigarettes, so over 10 days he would smoke 20 cigarettes a day. Getting people to quit can be hard. They have to be willing to. Maybe you could push the issue of secondary smoke inhalation to him. Ask him not to smoke around you.

20 cigarettes in a pack and 10 packs in a carton. He has to want to quit, you can't make him.

Y☆h♥♥ !

20 cigs in a pack, 200 in a carton. I wish I knew a way to make him quit. My mom is dying of lung cancer, a smoker for 60yrs, even through chemo and radiation treatments. I hear her choke for air, the suffocation, and I smoke my cigarette. Yes, I am a smoker, and have tried to quit three times in the past year. You would think with what I see every day, that the magnitude of what I'm doing to myself would cause me to quit, yet I still smoke. The addiction is unreal! I too hope you find a way to convince your dad, maybe you can tell him that you want him to live to see you grow up, maybe that will jolt him into quitting. I don't know, but I hope he does quit.

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