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jack s
How long does your lungs take to clear after quitting smoking , i,ve smoked for 39 years whats my chance?

The sooner you stop, the sooner your system will recover. It's better to stop now than not stop at all. I stopped 20 years ago and I've been fine - my father died of heart problems associated with his 40 a day habit.

lil hands
jack i feel sorry but i think u are in a bad condition and sorry to say umight get something so just pray and be happy

My Doctor told me that I need 7 years to recover if I quit smocking.

Lou K
Depends on how old you are. Or so i have been told. Consult your doctor.

You should stop smoking as soon as possible, However, a lot of damage is already done after 39 years. They will not clear, but you cannot do more damage. Your lungs appreciate the chance to work for you. Just curious as to why your are thinking about stopping now?

talk to your doctor about that, i'm sorry i cant help

josei boy
Hello Jack s I do not know how long it takes for lungs to clear, but I can tell you that I used to smoke up to 60 cigs a day , I gave up cold turkey some 37 years ago , I'm almost 66 and I'm still here...............................the main thing is that you have given up........now enjoy every next day of the rest of your life which I hope will now be a long and healthy future.................good luck to you and your family

I heard two years.

After two weeks, you will feel very different. After 6 months, you will feel as if you never smoked (as long as you don't have emphysema), and after 5 years, you body will be completely clean. Good luck

I know someone who had been smoking for 60 years and managed to give up. I gave up after 20 years. It's all about willpower. If u aint got that then no amount of gum or patches will help you!

Well... the truth is after you start smoking your lungs will never rejuvinate themselves to those as if you weren't smoking. There isn't a certain time in which your lungs will clear.. it will, however, gradually clear more and more after time. You've made the right decision, though!

I suspect the rate at which your lungs cleanse themselves is dependent on you - - how much you exercise, your diet, your general state of health, other?

What you'll hear from a pulmonologist (lung doc) and if you're too late, an oncologist (cancer doc) is that in the short run the damage from smoking can be turned around. Unfortunately, you've been doin git for a long time. I'll bet my bottom dollor that you have emphysema or some other form of copd that is keeping your lungs from filling and emptying air. You just cant' smoke that long without getting it. After 20-25 years of smoking things won't reverse, only get worse from then on. I'm sorry to have to tell you that but that's the deal right now for you. I just lost my Dad last year to complications of that. He was 76 then. He had quit smoking 25 years prior but smoked for 30 years before that.

Probably not what you wanted to hear. Jeff the nurse in Nashville.

You may develop a 'chesty' cough after a few weeks because the cilia in the passages recover and start to move stuff out of the lungs. This is a good sign, but may not seem like it for a while.

Stick with it and you'll be able to do twice the exercise, like cycling and walking, that you used to.

I have heard that it takes between 2 - 5 years for the tissues to clear of tar, etc.
Obviously eating a sensible and high protein diet will further your good intentions: and daily high doses of vitamin C to flush out toxins.
Go for it!

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I smoked from the time I was 11 to about the age of 37....I quit a week before my birthday in 97 and am still feeling like it isn't quite out of my system yet.....I think it depends on your lung capacity and other things, (like where you live), to determine the time frame.

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