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 Why are so many people against smokers?
when stuff like plastics, preservatives in our foods, air fresheners, bottled water and tons of other stuff causes cancer??? is it just the smell???...

 Sensitive question.....?
I'm realy scared. I think I have got breast cancer but I'm not sure and I'm scared io tell anyone. A while ago, I found a lump on the left hand side about 3cm away from my breast. I ...

 When a woman goes to a gyn. does he or she make them climax so they can a sample to test for cancer cells?

 Can't make a bowel movement without a laxative.could that be signs of colon cancer?

 Will you please pray for my dad?
My dad might have cancer and I'm scared for him....

 I am a smoker an have been for about five years can anyone tell me the best way to pack them in?

 Stopping smoking?
how many of you are planning to quit for the new year? How are you going to do it (ie.patches etc)
Additional Details
p.s ive been a smoker since i was 9 (yes sounds bad) really want to ...

 How do I deal with watching my mother die of Cancer in the next few weeks?
They say she only has a few weeks left. I'ts 2:30AM, im up on the computer and i have the phone by my side. I know i wont get that phone call tonite, but i dont want to sleep. I can't ...

 Cause of death after 20 years?
i was wondering how you find out,the cause of someones death,not just from the death certificate.i lost my mum 21 years ago to cancer.i was only 9 and didnt understand what was going on at the time....

 My grandad refuses to eat or drink - any ideas?
My grandad is very ill with cancer, he has less than a month left now. He's back on morphine, and it's reacting bad this time and making him feel very ill. He refuses to eat, but more ...

 My dad has found a lump and won't go to the doctor?
both of his parents and his only sister died of cancer, he refuses to go to the doctor as he doesn;t like hospitals. if it was cancer, to which i will not know, how fast is it likely to spread and ...

 Cancer is horrible help me please.?
well first of all my great grandma died from breast cancer. now my aunt has brain cancer.
my grandma has colon cancer
and my mom has breast cancer.
and she got her sergury and i ...

 What should i do i had a lump on my breast?
i found a lump on my breast and my friend said i should see my gp but i didnt go. the lump has gone but my friend say i should still go and see the doctor. but the lump has gone. what should i do?...

 Why do i have to leukemia?

Additional Details
I was diagnosed with leukemia on Oct.07,2005 im a 14 year old girl who doesn't know why she has leukemia and I would like to know how it is that people can get ...

 Breast Cancer!?
Is there a youngest age you can get breast cancer?

Im 15 and think i have it.

Please Help.....

 What should we do to fight cancer?
Im really concerned about all the lives were loosing over cancer.Please Help me Fight for the cure....

 What foods can help prevent cancer?

 Celebration for me!!!!!?
I've been Cancer free for 2 years!!!

I'm so grateful to have a New Year & a New Beginning!!!...

 How much would you charge for cupcakes and cookies if they were for cancer charity?
I was think 50p or ÂŁ1 GBP - do you think this is too much?
Additional Details
These are to take into work so was going to go round the desks or set up in canteen. and coffee is already ...

 Is it nature's fault that healthy people can get cancer no matter what?
I feel that nature is to blame for that healthy people who take good care of themselves get cancer. For example, there are healthy people who don't smoke, and yet some get lung cancer. Or how ...

barbie e
How long does your hair need To be to donate hair for locks of love?

I have heard ranges from 6-10 inches

I think you have to donate at least 6 inches.

kim h
Minimum of 10 inches. Go to www.locksoflove.org and all of your questions will be answered. They even have on there where to send it to.

Hope you are not planning to donate hair to honor someone with cancer. Locks of Love makes wigs for kids with a rare bald hair condition called alopecia areata. Alopecia areata is NOT cancer. They only give wigs to kids with long term or permanent hair loss. Children with cancer only have a TEMPORARY hair loss from chemotherapy . . so they don't generally get a wig. Only 3 percent of any wig from Locks of Love goes to a child who has permanent hair loss from chemotherapy or radiation . . . . so cut away and donate your hair but make sure you realize that the hair does not go to children with cancer . . . almost never. They are not a cancer organization.

There are a few other organizations that do donate to kids who have hair loss from short term chemotherapy and that is:

Wigs for Kids

Wigs 4 Kids

Little Princesses

I'm a Kid Foundation

Angel Hair Foundation

Pantene Beautiful Lengths

10-12 inches I think. Look it up on web search.

10 inches measured tip to tip is the minimum length needed for a hairpiece.

Daddy's girl
I think it's 10 inches, but you can also google it & make sure.

10 inches. See locksoflove.org

At least 6 inches. Most salons that offer Locks of Love donation will tell you if you have enough hair. Some even offer discounted styling post-cut in return for your donation.

Here is all the information from the Locks of Love website..


Please Note: Anyone can cut your hair as long as the guidelines listed below are followed. We encourage all of our donors to go to a salon they are already familiar with to ensure their comfort when donating.

Hair that is colored or permed is acceptable.
Hair cut years ago is usable if it has been stored in a ponytail or braid.
Hair that has been bleached (usually this refers to highlighted hair) is not usable. If unsure, ask your stylist.
Hair that is swept off of the floor is not usable.
Hair that is shaved off and not in a ponytail or braid is not usable.
We cannot accept dreadlocks. Our manufacturer is not able to use them in our children’s hairpieces. We also cannot accept wigs, falls, hair extensions or synthetic hair.
Layered hair is acceptable if the longest layer is 10 inches.
Layered hair may be divided into multiple ponytails.
Curly hair may be pulled straight to measure the minimum 10 inches.
10 inches measured tip to tip is the minimum length needed for a hairpiece.
Please Note: Shorter hair will be separated from the ponytails and sold to offset the manufacturing costs. Although the shorter hair cannot be used in the hairpieces, it still greatly helps to reduce costs.
Gray hair will be accepted and sold to offset the manufacturing costs.

Please note: To donate your hair the Hair Donation Form is not required. If you are having trouble downloading or printing the Hair Donation Form, just write down your name and address on a separate sheet of paper and include it in the envelope with your donation so that we may send you an acknowledgement.


10 inches measured tip to tip is the minimum length needed for a hairpiece.
Hair must be in a ponytail or braid before it is cut.
Hair must be clean and completely dry before it is mailed in.
Place the ponytail or braid inside of a plastic bag, and then inside of a padded envelope.
Fill out the hair donation form, or write your name and address on a separate sheet of paper and include inside the envelope.
All hair donations must be mailed to Locks of Love at:

2925 10th Avenue N
Suite 102
Lake Worth, FL 33461-3099
Please be sure to use the entire zip code when mailing. Thank you!


In order to protect your privacy and in compliance with our Privacy Policy, Locks of Love does not provide information regarding donations that we receive. If you want to be certain of when your donation arrives at Locks of Love, please ship your package with a tracking number.
To serve as receipt of your donation, a thank-you card is sent to each donor within 90 days from the date we receive your donation. Donor information must be clearly written on the donation form or on a separate sheet of paper and included with the donation.
If you don't receive a thank-you, it doesn't mean that we didn't receive your package! If 3 months has gone by and you have not yet received your thank-you, please e-mail volunteer@locksoflove.org and we will send another card.
Hair is needed from men and women, young and old, all colors and races.
There is no maximum length you can donate.
It is estimated that 80% of all donations come from children who wish to help other children.

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I'm sure they need at least 6 inches so it's long enough to "work" with...
I think it's a wonderful thing for you to be thinking of doing!
Enjoy your new hair do.........

You have to get AT LEAST 10 inches cut off.

10 inches. I donated mine for the 4th time 2 weeks ago. I would suggest trying to have a foot though... this last time I think the lady couldn't judge length very well and cut off more than the 10 inches I asked for.

I went to Great Clips and if you donate they will cut your hair for free. (but take a few bucks to tip the stylist).

volcom girl.
I think the minimum you can donate is 10 inches, so less you plan to cut it extremely short then you would probably want your hair about 15+ inches.

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