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How long does it take for your hair to grow back after chemo?
Hi, ive just finished chemo a month ago, im starting to get the fluffy hair come through,,,,,, im wondering how long it takes for all the hair on your body to come back like eyebrows and lashes, etc.

Go Blue
Mine took about 4 months to grow it all back. Congrats on finishing chemo. I had 8 rounds of it last year. Good luck with your recovery. You'll do great.

Well done and I hope all went well!

As you are experiencing now, your hair is starting to grow again after a month. In my case it took 4 -5 months before all my hair was back, but as far as hair on my head, that is all curly. Seems to always come back curly for some reason, but this eventually grows out after a year or so, if you weren't originally a curly tops.

Hair grows in monthly cycles so it depends on what time during the cycle you stopped taking chemotherapy. If you stopped at the beginning of your hair cycle growth than it is possible for it to start to grow back pretty quickly within days or weeks. But, if you stopped treatment at the end of your cycle there may be a delay until the growth cycle starts up again. In my sons case all his hair from head to toes restarted about the second week after stopping chemo. It comes in all light, soft, and fuzzy. So it is anywhere from two weeks to a few months that the hair regrows.

Congratulations on finishing!!!
It usually comes in pretty quick. Its like downy baby hair at first then starts to become thicker and more coarse.
Probably will start growing back within a month of the last treatment.

I think I saw it coming back by 1 to 2 months.

My hair started to grow back on the rest of my body before my head. I finished chemo about 2mths ago and my eyelashes, eyebrows and "other" hair are all back almost back to normal. Not having to take care of leg hair and other assorted waxing places was nice while it lasted, but I did miss having the eyebrows and eyelashes. The hair on my head is taking a while to come back but I finally have a 1cm covering over my whole head (no bald patches). Everyone is probably different and It may depend on the length and type of treatment but this is my personal experience.

pat yourself on the back for going through all this! My hair started coming in about two months after finishing treatments. If you don't rub it really hard, you will not break the hair off since it is so fine. There is a hair line for chemo patients that you can use to help keep build up off your scalp and hair. as for the eyebrows,...i'm still drawing mine on, but i do have eyelashes!!

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