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 Dead serious question...?
I don't want a sugar-coated answer, just give it to me how it is. My grandfather died of cancer, my cousin died of cancer, my aunt survived breast cancer, my uncle survived skin cancer, my ...

 Can you donate blood?
can you donate after you have had cancer? it's been 21 years since i had this. i was told after the cancer that i couldn't donate, but wanted to know since it's been so long if it'...

 Say you've just been diagnosed with a terminal illnes, what would you do?
ok, say one day you don't feel so good, you black out, and when you wake up you're in a hospital and everyone is looking really serious. then a doctor tells you that xou have a teminal ...

 Can you get breast cancer if you sleep with a bra on?

Additional Details
thank you because all my freinds are saying you can but am defending my self but they dont belivvv ...

 If smoking causes cancer, why did my grandpa die from lung cancer and never smoked ever?
i think they say smoking because they really dont know....

 Can Lemon Leaves cure cancer?

 Is it just me or is cancer?
Caused by everything nowadays ? I herd earlyer that pringals can like wtf. Should we tread on such a fine line as not to enjoy ourselfs?...

 Do you think cancer will ever be cured?

 Temp of 100.4 - 100.6 bad?
Mom is in treatment for cancer, just got home from the hospital after months. Was normal range last night but now is around 100.4 to 100.6 but feels 'fine'. Any ideas? Should I be ...

 What are the signs of Cancer???

 Anybody want to help fight cancer? Do you know anybody who has had cancer?
if you dont its cool....

Additional D...

 I just found out that my mom found a lump in her breast.?
She just had a mammogram done, and now we have to painfully wait for the news. I don't know what do say to her, how to feel. I feel guilty for going on with my life, not knowing what will happen....

 Crivical cancer shot.?
Well, my mom wants me to get it today but on the news we just heard that it's dangerouse? Some people died after it? Is that true? If i take it am i safe?
Where do they inject the shot? How ...

 Do mobile phones cause brain cancer or brain tumor or other harmful effects to humans?

 Did cavemen get cancer? Or is it more of a modern disease?

 My sister has cancer and she needs an operation but she has no health insurance?
She is a single mom and barely makes it does anyone know of any programs that will help her out. In san ...

 Would you donate your organs when you go?

 I'm hooked on smoking cigarrettes. Tips on how I can take a break or something?

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I don't know if I'm ready to quit. I know smoking is a horrible habit, but I'm addicted to cigarrettes. I need some advice. Thanks!...

 Does any one know how many chemo treatments it takes before losing you hair?

 If a healthy person ate a piece of cancerous lump,will he develop cancer in his body?

How long could a person have cancer for without knowing it?
just curious.

I went 8 years (age 9-17) with cancer before it was diagnosed.

It depends on the person and what type you have. That is why it is important to get yearly physicals.

it usually depends on the type of cancer, please go see a physician if you believe you may have cancer!

A very long time. My great aunt found out she had it a while ago but doctors say she probably had it for nearly 10 years.

Cancer in the beginning is rather slow, so depending on the kind you could have it for years (10+).

Taylor M
you can have it for a pretty long time before knowing you have it. But for me, they said mine was fast developing so I only had for about 2 weeks.

Theoretically without any tests they could go the entire span of their life

dan l
a person could die from cancer and never know that they had it if they were not checked out.

Tex S
Sometimes you never know until you die of it.

here I am
until they die

depends on the type of cancer. some people have cancer for years without knowing it like pancreatic cancer because it is slow growing and doesn't give much symptoms until it is in its last stages. other cancers like cervical cancer are detected quickly because we give routine PAP smears which check for any abnormal cells in the cervical region.

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