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 Is there a cure for childhood Lukemia? Are there types that are terminal?

 What does skin cancer really look like?
A raised bump with a crusty area or scab that never quite heals or goes away for two or three months? Could this be a boil?...

 When i play hess < my opponent has leaft my table. what i can do?

 Can you really get cancer faster if you smoke while on the patch?

 Chemotherapy for breast cancer?
My mom was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a lumpectomy a few weeks ago, and the doctor just told her she has to have 2 "rounds" of chemotherapy. What does a round of ...

 Radiation burn, any tips?
A good friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is going through radiation. Is there anything besides an aloe vera plant, that she could possibly use to relieve some of the burning?

 Can anyone tell me ANYTHING in regards to HPV and Cervical Cancer and if I could've caused it at all?
Okay. Here's the deal. My baby's mother in Mass., feels that I am solely responsible for her having cervical cancer, and has thus treated me like for it and has also gone as far as ...

 Is it inevitable if you smoke to get cancer?
If not why do some people get it and some people don't?...

 How do i find qualitive and quantitive reasearch papers over 5000 words about prostate cancer?
i am doing a research paper at uni and desperately need help!!!...

 Is rectal fresh bleeding sign of colon cancer?
I have rectal fresh bleeding occasionally. First time, I have seen blood after excretion 2 years ago. I have had different blood and urine tests as well as colonscopy. The blood tests have shown that ...

 Does coffee give you cancer?
and if so how and why?...

 Did anyone suspect they had cancer!?
did anyone suspect they had cancer before they were diagnosed. i am convinced i am riddled with it but i wont tell a doctor i think this because i am sure he thinks i am a hypocondriac. i am unwell ...

 Please Help?
I had been getting headaches frequently but only on one side of my head. I had my wisdom teeth removed and the headaches drastically reduced. Now I have a strange feeling in one side of my head. It ...

 Small Lump On Neck ...?
My doctor took a blood test last week and told me yesterday I was perfectly fine... The blod test was a needlie into my vein in my arm. I don't understand why a small, soft, painless lump is on ...

 Do you think it's even possible to cure cancer genetically?

 Is cancer painful to the touch? if you have skin cancer, does it hurt it you touch it?

 Can i donate bone marrow if i have a herniated disc in my back?

 How likely is it that I have Melanoma?
I have several spots on my skin that were basically brought to my freaked out attention by my mother. I know that it could be an overreaction, but how common are the symptoms of Melanoma without it ...

 Soymilk and Cancer - Is there a connection?
I keep reading stories about hormone levels to be one of the cause of cancer and so on.
I used to consume tons of soy in the past but this made me think again.
Any info?...

 Is it true that if you smoke while your pregnant, the child will grow and begin to moke too??
We were talking bout this in class today and i dont smoke and im not pregnant but, i asked my teacher this question and she didn't give me the answer. Please help me out i would really like to ...

Dylan Eve
How long can you live without treatment?
Of breast cancer. If you choose not to respond to chemo or surgery.

I don't think anybody has an answer for this question. I think everybody is different

I was given a 30% to live a year if i didn't do the treatment. I did the treatment. Its been 8 months.

busty bertha
none could answer that as it deepends on what stage your at but i would rather have chemo and try to live a life than give up and die.

this is a question answered on a very individualized basis. it depends on how big the tumor is and how quickly the cancer progresses.

50/50 to 50
There is no proper answer.

I was first diagnosed with breast cancer in November of 2004. I also had lymph node involvement. I had a lumpectomy and 15 lymph nodes removed. I did not have chemo or radiation, although it was strongly recommended. Another lump appeared in the same breast in approximately 2 years. I had that lump removed in March of 2007. Again, I had no treatment. I tried to cure myself with only herbs and some diet changes. In less than a year I have developed several large masses in the same breast. Again, there is lymph node involvement. I will have a mastectomy next week, and I am wondering if I should have taken the path that I did. No one ever truly knows what to do. Of course, I had several surgeries on the same breast. This may have caused it to spread, but AGAIN who really knows. I did what I felt was best at the time. I will always wonder if I should have had conventional treatment with the first diagnosis. Three cancer diagnoses in a little over 3 years. I must've done something wrong. I think that there are probably cures, but who knows WHICH one to follow. One begins grasping at straws. I do a whole lot of praying!

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