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Sonia G
Having a light yellow color in the white part of your eyes is that something to see the doctor about?
Just wondering if this is something serious I know it can be associated with colon cancer you should I get it checked out?
Additional Details
I have always noticed the yellowish in my eyes for several years and the eye doctor said its normal?

Yes, you should contact your Doc. The term that is used for the yellow discoloration on the whites of your eyes, is call icteric. It's also known as jaundice,which can be caused by several different things.Your Doc will need to order some blood tests. It could be that your bilirubin is elevated. Here is a test explanation: Bile, which is formed in the liver, has many ingredients, including bile salts, phosolipids, cholesterol, water, bicarbonate, and bilirubin. Due to the breakdown of red blood cells,( a normal occurrence ) bilirubin is processed. An elevated level can be caused by gallstones. anemia, and several other things. Any recent injury? Are you of African American descent?? I ask this because Sickle cell anemia, which is a genetic abnormality among African Americans, can be a cause for the yellowing of your eyes. I am not certain if colon cancer would be the cause but, according to my references, that is not listed. I hope that this helps. Contact your Doc.

Tasha C
Alot of people are just talking about liver problems when yellow coloring can be from hepatitis or possibly cancer. It's always good to make sure. And sometimes people just have yellow eyes.

im dont sure, cuz ive seen people with that but nothings wrong with them but you should see a doctor just in case

this is a sign of jaundice. if its just occured, and your eyes dont normally look this way, call your md asap. you need to have a blood test and exam of your liver.dont wait!goodluck;)michele

toni L


liver disease can also cause yellowing of the eyes. yes, you should go to the doctor and get it checked out. good luck.

This could be impaired liver function which could be serious. Contact your doctor immediately.

Anytime that you have a question about your health, you need to see your doctor. I have "diagnosed" family members and myself since getting a computer with internet.

When there is a question, please go see the doctor.

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