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 How do I keep my head up even though he's dieing from cancer :(?
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is there any visible signs on the skin on the neck for throat cancer?
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 Lump found in breast, swollen and lots of pain. Cancer? Please respond?
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She called me just now wanting my opinion about what her doctors told her. She was having severe pain ...

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just a poll do you think it causes cancer? i don't....

 My son has a little smooth pinkish mark on his hand. Do I worry about this? He's 11&had a it for a long time.

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 Dark,dry crinkly patch on breast, sometimes itchy, as large as a silver dollar. Is it cancer?

 Can fat guys get breast cancer? (sorry to anyone offended)?

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 Please help me...I am dying here?
My mom had breast cancer last year and she came out fine. But for the last month she has had a sharp pain in her lower back pain. TODAY they gave the news we werent expecting, the cancer has returned....

 Can a cancerous tumor grow overnight?
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 Can a microwave cause cancer?

 If my breast hurt does it mean i have cancer?
its not really me its someone i ...

 Teenagers worrying about breast cancer?
I'm surprised to see how many teenage girls ask about breast cancer here on a daily basis. Is it really something that so many teenagers are concerned about? If so, are you able to talk to ...

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can chemotheraphy cure lung ...

 My friend has cancer, i'm going to see her next week and dont..?
know what to say to her!!
I know this sounds really stupid but i feel so awkward. What should i say? It doesn't seem adequate enough to say this like..how are you? Hope you get well? i...

 What are the symptons of lung cancer?
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 Is lung caner terminal?

 Is the risk of breast cancer increased with maternal or paternal relatives?
I have just found out that my father's (he wasn't around when I grew up) sister died from breast cancer and that his mother has also battled with it twice. Does this increase my ...

 Do u think im at high risk..........?
Ok. My Grandma was just dionosed with breast cancer.
I've gotton several things passed down from her live heart problems, apendiscitis, stuff like that. Now im affraid im going
to ...

Fluid leaking from one breast, positive NOT PREGNANT?
I have a family member/friend whose right breast starting aching for a few days. Then one day, fluid starting coming out. When it came out, the fluid was white, then clear and then followed a little blood. She went to see a doctor, but they were unsure exactly what it could be. Her doc said it could be relating to a tumor so they're scheduling her for a mammogram. It's only happening with her right breast and there are no lumps. Does anyone have any info on what the cause could be? Is a tumor possible? She just had her mentrual cycle this week and she's on the pill so she's positive she's not prego. Thanks guys!

This happened to me (I am 29, no kids) I had a mammogram and an ultrasound which were both normal. My Thyroid level was low as well as a couple of other hormone levels were off as well. After getting my hormone levels adjusted, every thing seems to be fine for me. The nurse also told me that sometimes excess caffeine intake can cause breasts to be sore and occasionally leak. I really hope that things work out well for your friend!

no need to panic until the results from the mammogram comes out. calm down...oh sorry tell your "friend" to calm down :-)

Go to the doctor

I love dooneys
maybe it is a side effect from the birth control

yes there is chance for breast carcinoma....ask the doctor to examine...rest will be clear thru investigations
pray 4 her,so tat this diagnosis goes wrong. bcoz mastectomy or removal of breast tissue is the surgical management of this issue
PREGNANCY- can be the cause 2..but nipple discharge is only in the final stages of tat..thru studies,nipple discharge is mainly 4 tumour !

Lisa B
Something like this happened to me. Turns out, I'd bruised my breast on an exercising machine. I had a mammogram and a duct test - they were uncomfortable, but not painful.

Go to this website - it will give you tons of answers.


jane c
i had a friend that this happened to, it is pretty serious - it means there is something up with you internally!

tell them to get to the doctor asap!

She has choosen the right action. The mommogram will set the story straight. What this could be is anybodies guess, Prayers for her. Could be infection too. I hope that is what it is.

First don't panic, many women have exactly what ur describing including me... minus the blood and it was the same breast. But it was 6 months after I had stopped breastfeeding.

My mamo was ok... they believe that one of the milk ducts got clogged anyways it did it once and never again. No cyst, no tumors... no cancer. So tell u family member to be positive, if she's not pregnant harmones can do crazy things to womens bodies.

If it turns out to be the big C then u need to help educate her on whats out there for treatment. Be positive, it's so criitcal for successful treatment. She needs to be an agressive fighter and not give up.

I heard something related to the symptoms you described before. I did a quick search and found this description.

"Paget's Disease of the Nipple

This type of breast cancer starts in the milk ducts and spreads to the skin of the nipple and areola (the dark circle around the nipple). The nipple and areola will often appear crusted, scaly and red. The patient may experience burning, itching or notice some bloody discharge from the nipple.

Paget's Disease is a rare form of breast cancer, occurring in only 1% of all cases. It can be associated with in situ carcinoma as well as invasive carcinoma. If no lump can be felt in the breast tissue and the biopsy shows the growth to be in situ and not invasive, treatment for Paget's Disease is very effective."

I would suggest doing a search on this term as I am positive there can be many contributing factors. For now I am sure the doctor will rule out all the possible causes. I wish you all the best.

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