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Does it mean that you have a mass or cancer, if a doctor orders a bronchoscopy?
I'm really worried about my mom. She has only 27 percent lung capacity. She's been a smoker for over fifty years. Sadly. She spat up a small amount of blood recently, too.

Her doctor had done several tests, including a cat scan. Now, he is ordering a bronchoscopy. Does this, most likely, mean that she has a mass? A nurse mentioned, inadventently, that she did.....but, the doctor has not said that.

I'm really very worried. I have a bad feeling. I lost my dad to lung cancer.

What do you honestly think? Should I prepare myself for bad news?

no cheer up

No he is covering all the bases. It is called CYA in medical terms...cover your a**

Heavens no. They want to take a look at her lungs and it could be many things. Try not to worry, that doesn't change anything and it exhausts you. Your mom is probably scared and you need to listen to her fears but be strong and supportive for her. If it is the worst, there are many treatments for her. Best wishes.

It could be either. My doctor ordered a bronchoscopy for me and it turned out to be nothing. The doctor is just trying to find out what is going on in your mothers lung.

Gerardo G
No. It means your doctor was schooled to act on scientific evidence. And by the way, it's most likely that if he finds something that very same day he gets it out. But for the cost I think your doctor is making the best desition, risky but necessary.

this is a test done usually to rule out the worst of problems. Just because the test is done doesnt mean the person has what they are looking for, but if she already has only 27% of lung capacity and is spitting up blood it could be bad news. All you can do is wait and see. I hope it is not the bad news you hear but that they didnt find anything. Good luck to you and your family.

RadTech - RT(R)
It sounds like they saw something on the CT and they are going to biopsy it. Yes, it very well could be cancer, but there's a possibly that it isn't.

Good luck.

Barry M
Since your mother has smoked for 50 years, and has a 73% reduction in lung capacity, a CT scan and x-rays are not adequate to diagnose her problem(s). The doctor could find emphysema, copd, cancer, pulmonary fibrosis, interstitial lung disease, RBILD, etc. Just because he has ordered the test does not mean he knows she has cancer.

The nurse may have mentioned a mass, but unless she is trained in radiology, she may not really know what a mass looks like on an x-ray. Chest x-rays are easily misread and misinterpreted by people who are not trained in radiology.

Don't think the worst, but prepare yourself for bad news. Even if she doesn't have cancer, the other diseases can be just as bad and just as deadly. Here are the different things bronchoscopy may be used for::

Identify the cause of airway problems, such as bleeding, difficulty breathing, or inflammation from other lung diseases.

Take tissue samples when other tests, such as a chest X-ray or CT scan, show areas of the lung that may have problems.

Diagnose lung diseases by collecting tissue or mucus (sputum) samples for biopsy.

Diagnose and determine the extent of lung cancer.

Remove objects blocking the airway.

Evaluate and treat growths in the airway.

Control bleeding (hemoptysis).

Make sure your mother has stopped smoking. That is the first step in dealing with any lung disease. After the results are in from the bronchoscopy, research her illness. Knowledge will help you deal with her situation. I am sorry you lost your father to lung cancer. Hopefully your mother will have a better outcome. Hope this information was helpful. Good luck.

Settle down. I know it is easy to say but worrying won't help.

Ordering a bronchoscope is not an automatic indication of cancer. Wait and see. Don't think your mother isn't worried about you.

Good luck.

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