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Lori M
Does a suspicious mass found on breast by ultrasound and swollen lymphnodes definitely mean cancer?
I have a biopsy scheduled and an appointment with a surgeon, the radiologist said it was suspicious. I am beside myself waiting. I read somewhere that playing with the lump in the breast can aggrevate the lymph nodes? Is that true? I am just wondering if there is still hope that this isn't cancer even if the lymph nodes are swollen.

the best thing to do is to go for a check up because it could be anything.mostly doctors check for a swollen lymph around the neck,not around the breast.go see ur doctor and soon as possible

if it's definite it wouldn't be "suspicious" .

I know how nerve wracking it is waiting. The waiting is the absolute worse. I don't want to sugar coat it....or scare you....no it doesn't definitely mean cancer. But the possibility is there that it is. There are many women who have to have a biopsy because of a suspicious mass and it's not Cancer. I had a bad mammogram last year and unfortunately it did turn out to be Cancer. But, there are many treatments available and there are many many survivors out there. Easy for me to say, but try not to get ahead of yourself. I'm hoping you only get great news after your biopsy. Hang in there.

No, it is not definite.

But there is a good chance it's cancer, unfortunately. Radiologists see this all the time, and are not usually "suspicious" without really good cause.

Of course, there is still hope though. Hang in there.

NO! It does not mean you definitely have cancer. I have had three biopsies and the last one was very suspicious and I did not have cancer in any of them.

My results of course are mine alone. You may or may not have pre-cancerous cells, cancer cells of various stages or something else entirely. Lymph nodes swell for a variety of reasons and cancer is only one of them.

If your radiologist suggests a biopsy there is suspicious findings and of course your need to be as proactive as possible in addressing this issue. I would not mess with the mass in your breast, but I don't believe there is any definitive proof that palpating the mass aggravates the lymph nodes.

Never give up hope. There is always a possibility it is not cancer. And if your results do come out to be cancer, you are blessed to be living in this time and age when there are so many options for a successful recovery and a long live.

God Bless

It's the biopsy that gives the final diagnosis, but mine also looked suspicious.

Sounds like me a year and a half ago it may or may not be cancer but you must have the biopsy first then get a second opinion go to a specialist on breasts don't just go straight to a surgeon find out all your options first. then decide there is still hope it could be a cyst but pray and go find out. If it is cancer you can make like I did, Mine was cancer after 2 sisters with similar symptoms that were not cancer. just pray and go take the test and do all you must to survive
love and prayers

Breast exams are categorized by numbers called Bi-rads. When a doctor recommends a biopsy, they need to categorize it as either a Bi-rads 4 (suspicious for malignancy) or Bi-rads 5 (highly suspicious for malignancy). It's an unfortunate choice of words, but that's all it is -- a word. Try to not obsess about it!
More than 85% of biopsies performed are benign (not cancer). The reason so many of them are done is that it's an attempt to catch cancers early. The earlier it's caught, the better your chance of survival is.
Did your doctor tell you that they saw a reactive lymph node on your exam, or do you feel like they're swollen? If your lymph nodes just feel swollen, it might not be anything at all. Maybe you've been around someone who is sick, and your body is just reacting to that.

This is easier said than done, but not to not think about it. If you do feel the need to obsess, obsess in a positive way -- think about getting your negative results! Think of this whole experience as just a story to tell -- The Day You Had Your Negative Biopsy.

Good luck to you!

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