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Janette W
Does a mri scan show if a person has a cyst or cancer?
i have a pelvic mass and been for a mri scan What will mri identify

MRI will show any abnormalities.

ya it will identify a cyst or lump but u need to have a biopsy done for confirming that it is cancerous.
i m from medical profession

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), formerly referred to as magnetic resonance tomography (MRT) and, in scientific circles, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (NMRI) or NMR zeugmatography imaging, is a non-invasive method used to render images of the inside of an object. It is primarily used in medical imaging to demonstrate pathological or other physiological alterations of living tissues.
MRI can distinguish tumors from normal tissues and can help the doctor determine the tumor's size, severity, and spread. This is called staging.

It will see the mass that you have and will identify its position and size precisely. This can help the consultant have a better idea if it is a benign or cancerous mass. The type of mass can be identifies-type of tissue etc. This helps the dr also. It should give a much clearer picture of things for you in general and open the way for the next stage. You really need biopsy to be sure of identifying if the tissue is cancerous or not. This would most likely be performed by laparoscopy which is keyhole surgery. However it may give a clear enough picture without biopsy, depending on size, contours etc. Hope this helps.

it will see the cyst or lump
but you will have too have
a blood test to find out if its

An MRI scan is very good at characterising what kinds of tissue are present based on their chemical composition. It is possible using different sequences (which produce different types of image) to work out whether something is mainly fatty, watery, proteinaceous, has new or old blood in etc. It is then up to the radiologist, working with clinical information provided by the referring doctor, to come up with the most likely diagnosis based on the pattern of tissue composition. e.g. if the referring clinician thinks you have an ovarian cyst (perhaps an incidentally detected lump with no symptoms), and the radiologist sees a thin walled proteinaceous bag filled with almost pure water, then cyst is very likely indeed. However, many pathologies (especially cancers) can have very complex structures and appearances may not be at all typical. Then it is up to the experience and knowledge of the radiologist to give an informed opinion as to the likelies diagnosis. So the answer to your question is 'yes', and MR scan can show if a person has a cyst or a cancer but there are dozens (if not hundreds), or possibilities and subtypes. The bottom line is that a scan rarely yields a result that is unquestionably one thing or another, just most likely one thing or another. It is part of the assessment made by your doctor which includes asking you questions, examining you, doing blood tests etc.

yes, cysts and cancers can be identified through mri's. The images will be thin slices of your body in detail so any abnormality will be shown.

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