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 I think i have Breast cancer. can a lady or someone please help me before I have to tell someone else?
maybe about 2-4 weeks ago right near the top of the dark part around my breast there was a small very white circle type thing there. imagine a small white ball. very small. alittle smaller than a ...

 Have you had a colonascopy???
This procedure saved my mom's life, if you have a history of colon cancer or blood in your stool, I highly suggest schduling a colonoscopy....

 What can one do to avoid having cancer?

 My dad has Leukemia and is throwing up allot, what should I do?
He has blood in his vomit and he has very heavy breathing. It sounds like there is fluid in his lungs. He refuses to go to the hospital. And we are in Anihiem, CA when we are from northern C...

 What do you think caused your cancer (or your relative's cancer)???
I believe, based on my family's experience, that people do have some idea what could have caused thier own cancer.

What I mean is..I know that in some individuals that have certain ...

 Has the cancer industry given up on truly finding a cure?
If one reads the fine print when donating to "Race For The Cure" promotions, it appears most $$ go to funding "prevention & awareness" and "care services" efforts ...

 I need support fast?
Im 18 years old and i hust graduated from highschool. My father whom is my whole world....he rasied me and ive always been there for him as well. he has dieabetes and really bad heart problems. Today ...

 Is this true now?
Because the air is being polluted with smoke, gas, etc, you know what i mean, lots of more people are getting allergies, and cancers? Even the air we are breathing in now, is likely to be cancer? J...

 Is chemotherpy only cure for blood cancer?
one of my friend's mother is suffering from blood cancer.she is under chemotherpy treatement.Her 1st chemo has been succesfully over but in 2nd chemo her platelates and white blood cells are ...

 Ideas for raising money for cancer patient?
Does anyone have efficiant ways of raising money fast? i need ideas to help a little girl named kassidy, her family cant pay all the medical bills (her website is www.kassidyspage.com). We've ...

 Stomach Cancer?
My brother who was home on holidays from Africa where he Lectures was feeling nausia and went to Doctor to discover he had cancer of the stomach and it had spread to the spleen,liver,glands,pancreas ...

 How bad is secondhand smoke?

 Does Redbull Really Cause Cancer???

 What are the side effects from using the same toilet as someone going through chemotherapy?

 What is the deadliest type of cancer ?
lung? skin ? pancrease ? got any facts, links ?...

 Mom had breast surgery it was good.but they took 8 lymphnodes 1 had cancer in it.is she going to have chemo?
will she die soon? my dad and brother died of rare forms of leukemia,1980 and1991.
Additional Details
stage 1&2,grade b i ...

 How many Scientists does it take to find a cure for Aids or Cancer???
Look at the ...

 My best friend has recently found out he has Pancreatic cancer?
I am going to be there for him through it all, but I am just curious on what is to come with his condition and what should I expect? Thank you all in advance for your time on this question....

 Does the electro magnetic field of high tension electric wires affect our body?
Our house is located below the high tension wires of our country's major electric company....

 Pep talk desparately needed!! Breast appointment?
Ok folks....no silly answers please because I am so nervous I am about to jump out of my skin. I have had a mammogram which apparently showed nothing, but also had 2 ultrasounds which show something ...

kelly e
Does a black shadow on your lung mean cancer?

Yes it can be some kind of tumor or groat which they will take a biopsy of it to determine if its cancer or not.


Not necessarily, my mom's tumor showed as a bright white spot.

gopalakrishnan s
all type of cancerdetails just go and visit the url... more details

hazer ayvaz
A black shadow means nothing on an x-ray. It means there is air inside there or the film is foultly taken and must be retaken. But if there are white places seperately and one different from another it can be a lot of things. Your age is very important to think about cacer. The cancer must be thougt after 40ies. I'm a medical student and I am positive about what I write.
Hope get well soon.

Jolanda vom Minenfeld
not necessarily.

No........did'nt you ever watch the film'Alfie' with Micheal Caine?

Not necessarily, there are other things that cause a shadow on the lung. Get it checked out asap though. Good luck.

madhavan n

no it could be and infection, or a damp area from a previous pneumonia or have you had recent bad cough.

no, my brother in law just had a ct scan cos there was a shadow, turned out to just be something to do with flu i think, wasnt serious anyway!

Not necessarily, could be TB or bronchitis or pneumonia.

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