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Does Chemotherapy get worse and more difficult w/ each treatment ? my mom is having her 2nd one tomarrow I?
have read many book on Breast cancer ......... But still dont know what to expect any info thats helpful and prayers please

Your mother should have gotten a list of the chemo that she would be taking and the side effects of the chemo. My second treatment was the worst but I became lactose intolerant. That's mainly what caused me to be really sick. Some people breeze right through it with no problems. The first few days after my nuelasta shot I became sicker for about a week. Then the next week was good. Then it was time for another dose. Mostly aches and pains, mouth sores, coughing up, tired easily, food tasted awful. Have her use plastic eating utensils, it helps keep the metal taste down. Sometimes odors from different kinds of foods will also make you sick. It basically depends on the person and how much will power they have, don't let her get depressed. Shes in for the fight of her life and don't let her give up. Hope everything goes well. God Bless!

As the others have stated - it is different for each. The best way you can help her is as someone else said, make sure if the pills to help her don't work - ask for others. The anti-nausea pills made my husband sicker. The anxiety pills helped more so.

Help mom keep her norishment up. She needs to eat and drink lots of little meals throughout the day. If she doesn't like Ensure or Boost our doctor told us to get Carnation Instant Breakfast. I mix it half with whole milk and half with HALF AND HALF. I also add yogurt and fruit to make it into thick shakes. Another way my husband likes it is with coffee flavoring added such as hazelnut, orange, raspberry, etc. I use a BIG glass (16 oz.). He usually can't drink it all at once, but sips on it throughout the day. I just cover it and put it back in frige so it is cold when he wants it.

Thick rich soups are good too. Frankly, anything that makes her happy - fix it or go out and get it for her. At this point she needs lots of calories and just be happy she eats.

Play meditative music for her and maybe do some meditation if that helps. I am sure that she is anxious. I kept quiet, Gentle music playing for my husband to help his anxiety and to help him sleep.

If she does have vomiting - just stand there with her and place a cool cloth on the back of her neck. When she is back in bed, wipe her face with a cool cloth and perhaps keep one on her forehead. Gently stroke her arms and legs and help her relax. She will probably also be chilled. Keep her warm.

Stay positive. Chemo is tough, but it saves people. My prayers and positive thoughts are with you both.


it is the same dosage, shouldnt be much diff than first dose. hang in there w/her, it is worth it. (even if she may not think so during it) best of luck to you and your family.

No. Most reports are that the first chemotherapy treatment is the worst. Not that any of them are any picnic in the park. Everyone is different and there are different types of chemotherapy with different dosages. Thus, it is often difficult to even generalize how someone will handle the first, second, or any chemo protocol. Some patients breeze through chemotherapy, continue working, and are never bothered at all. While some patients from the first treatment are nauseous and too ill to do anything but sleep. Some chemo protocols are given in an outpatient setting . . while some chemo is toxic enough that it is given only as an inpatient in a hospital. So, it is hard to say what your mother will experience.

The only advice I could offer is that if she experiences nausea than she needs to stay ahead of that . .make sure that she is well hydrated by drinking lots. If she is ill than she needs meds to control the nausea on an around the clock basis. Chemo is tough, but it is necessary in order to gain control of the cancer.

Stay strong, your Mom needs you.

For all the books about this it is still a bit different for everyone, because everyone's physiology is different and because there are lots of different chemos.

For what it's worth, my 2nd through 4th of the AC kind were easier than the first. It is absolutely imperative that she takes the anti-nausea pills exactly as prescribed to keep the nausea at bay. If the ones she takes dodn't work - tell the oncologist. If she's taking a kind of chemo where she is supposed to drink a lot to flush it out of her system it is important that she do that, little sips every few minutes.

www.breastcancer.org is a great site with a great deal of information on various types of BC and lots of forums for people in different phases of their treatments. I recommend it highly.

Good luck.

Everybody reacts differently, but most people seem to find, as I did, that the first is the worst, partly because you don't know what to expect.I also found that some side-effects, like constipation, were worse with the first treatment. I had FEC chemo for breast cancer.

If your mother is actually vomiting, she must get her anti-nausea meds adjusted; she probably won't be able to avoid feeling nauseous, but there is no need for anyone to be vomiting with today's meds, they have improved so much in recent years.

Ginger in any form can help with nausea, so can cola - I found both these useful.

Bmac's advice about hair loss is excellent.

As someone has already said http://www.breastcancer.org is an excellent site; as well as all the information you need, there's forums where you and/or your mum can talk to people in the same situation.

It can be almost as bad seeing someone you love go through this as experiencing it yourself. Good luck to you both.

One of your best resources is your mom's Oncologist. Mine let me know what to expect from the beginning.

I just had my second treatment and I'm a little more tired than I was after my first. Nausea wasn't a problem this time but that's just me.
Like others I buzzed my hair when it started falling out. I figured it was better than shedding all over everything. Depending on the drugs, your mom might not even lose her hair.

I wish her good luck and good health in the future.

I felt that my reaction to each treatment was about the same.

it depends on what type of chemotherapy medications.

as with me-i did antiviral chemotherapy for 48 weeks.
it actually made me feel better-i had my down days, but i was also sick for almost 30 years if not longer-so anything was an improvement.

only time will tell-everyone reacts different to medications.

hugs to you both! prayers!

We're in this together, okay? My brother is going for his second one on Friday. I'll pray for you and your mom. This is a scary time.

I have had breast cancer twice---in 1999 and again in late 2000---I have been through 2 courses of chemo.

I can only speak for myself. The effects from the first treatment was not too bad. I had some nausea and a headache (which they told me would happen) but that was about it. When I had my second treatment the following week, I no sooner got home when I started vomiting. Thank God my husband was there. Everytime I threw up, I passed out. If he hadn't been there, I might have cracked my head hitting the tile floor. That was the worst one. I did throw up after following sessions, but not that bad and didn't feel dizzy. I started losing my hair after the fourth session, so I went to the barber shop (yes, the one men go to) and had them give me a "buzz" (or "high-n-tight").
I'm so sad when I now see women walking around with their almost bald heads and just a few clumps of hair----long, wispy, stringy and dry as straw hair----and you can tell that they tried to "style" it. Doing that is MUCH worse than just getting a buzz.

You know what you can do to show your support? If your mother loses her hair (more than likely she will) you can take her to the barber shop..........and YOU get a buzz-cut, too. I think that would be so cool. A woman feels so UGLY when going throught cancer treamtments. Most have their breast removed so they are very self-concious about that and then to have just a few strands of her hair left.....I just can't explain how it feels. If you take off YOUR hair, too......she will feel SO loved and I hope she realizes that she raised a pretty wonderful young woman. Then she won't feel so singled out.
Best wishes for you and your mom.

Icyelene R
It makes her very tired the radition will make her ill and lose hair.My mom is going thru cancer treatments now for a different type of cancer.Good Luck aand be Supportive.

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