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 If you puke after you have an IV injection of a cancer chemotherapy drug, do you taste the drug in your mouth?

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 Could I have cancer?
I am a 15 year old girl who is super active all the time. Then from new years to now i have been having wierd symptoms. I have also been stressing out a lot.

-nausia, but didnt get sick (...

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My family always uses the microwave to heat up food.. is this really bad?...

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Due to medial privacy I cannot I may show up at the ER to vist my own sick frail mother. All that tell is they cannot tell me is if she is there or not.Dr want tell me. ER want tell me.The only ...

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throughout my life i have had maybe 2-3 moles on my entire body and recently i have noticed that i am covered in them. additionally i have also noticed about 3-4 tiny white circles appearing on my ...

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I have a very dear friend that lives in another state. In July, he called me and told me he had skin cancer, but that he expected to be in recovery for only a few months and that he'd have ...

 Im a 15 year old male and ive been smoking cigs for 4 years now and i think i have lung cancer?
im having a hard time breathing and it always fells like somethings caught in my throught there are small lumps in my neck and under my chin my chest hurts and it feels like my lungs are burning i ...

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what are some of the bad things in smokes. and what percentage of it is in them? Thanks :-)...

 Breast Cancer... please help!!!
ok so i and only 13 but i think i might have breast cancer ( is this possible) the reason i think so is because my left prest have been hurting me for a while and i think i may hav a lump in it but ...

 Breast CANCER in 12 YR old?
My little sister just came up to me with pain in her right breast (she says the pain has been there for 3 days). She said she thought it was a zit but when i felt it, it was as big as a dime & ...

What Are The Ways To Prevent Cancer??

 How can i outsmart someone who has bone cancer?
theres a 12 year old guy in my class who is teling only several people that he has bone cancer thats in his knuckles. He said he's on stage 3 of cancer, and has a 3% of living when he gets his ...

 Pain when i turn my neck advice needed?
the last few weeks i have had a pain in my neck it only hurts when i turn my neck to my shoulder or try to look round my should its rrealy worrieing me could it be somethink bad like cancer or ...

 Brain tumor...?
My aunt suffers a brain tumor ,passed through surgery ,but she doesn't remember us. She can't see with an eye and her tumor is big as a nail and she cries everyday. She can recognise just ...

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My Mother-in-Law has terminal lung cancer, this will be her last Christmas. She has recently lost two sons including my husband and has one estranged son remaining. She is 81 years old. What would ...

 Why is that a person that has had breast cancer should not have their blood pressure taken from that side?
I am a student of an MA program. This discussion came up.. Is it okay for women that have had breast cancer to have their blood pressure taken from the side the cancer was on?...

 How Do u know?!?
how do u know if u have Dieabeties or cancer

Im just VERY ...

 Can you get a lip cancer from smoking cigarettes?
Somebody told me that I can get a lip cancer if I smoke too much, especially menthol cigarettes. Is it true?...

 Has there been a cure for Cancer, HIV and AID all along ?
By now Cancer, Aids and HIV should have been abolished like Polio, TB and Chicken Pox befroe them. Why not and who would benifit if it was with held from the public?...

Do you think smoking one cigar a month is going to kill you?
Of course it would be for special occassions and whatnot, nothing more.

Yo soy boricua
Well ,one a month isn't going to kill you fast, but it will damage your lungs . Then you will want to smoke more,more.And you would end pretty bad. It doesn't matter if it its an special occasions you don't have to smoke for that. Even if everyone is smoking , if you want to be healthy then don't smoke.

allan m
Make sure it's a quality smoke,have it after a great dinner with a cup of real coffee and a snifter of your favorite cognac!

Roxas of Organization 13
It'll kill you very slowly, and possibly still can get cancer.

Winston Churchill smoked cigars (and drank) almost daily and died an old man. Then again, I don't think he inhaled.
It depends on how you smoke it, I would say. If you inhale the smoke first-hand (ALMOST NOONE does this), then you might as well smoke cigarettes, b/c one cigar is worth about a pack of smokes. I DO NOT recommend inhaling first-hand cigar smoke.
If you just get the smoke in your mouth and then blow it out without inhaling, preferably OUTSIDE your home, you run little risk of oral cancer. You're probably more likely to die of something else, especially considering oral cancer is more treatable than lung. If you smoke indoors, you will get second-hand smoke, which is the same as first-hand, except that it is unfiltered, and it is dispersed throughout the home instead of in your lungs, so, in essence, EVERYONE in the home is smoking it with you. (Hence, smoke OUTSIDE).

When in doubt, ask someone with a degree in what kills you (Your doctor, not a bunch of people online). : )

I smoked five a day for over fifty years with no bad effects.

No. Enjoy yourself. Life is far too short anyway and if this brings you enjoyment than go for it. The key is to not overdo things . . maintain a balance and not over indulge, an occasional cigar is not going to kill you.

The risk from one cigar a month, particularly if you don't inhale is minimal

No - enjoy smoking that stogie!

honestly - there is no way to know...some people die of lung cancer never having smoked a day in theiur life, and others smoke until the day they die at 95...keeping as healthy as you can, but still feeling happy and enjoying life (with an alcoholic drink or a cigar) every once in a while is important to - keeps up healthy...

You will be just fine smoking one cigar a month, enjoy yourself and reduce stress by smoking a cigar.

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