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Lovely C
Do brain tumor patients die?

yes stupid

There are several people around where I live who have had brain tumors and out of the 5 cases I know about, 3 have lived. One who died was a young boy with a very aggressive type of cancer. I think there is a lot of hope for those suffering with brain tumors now.

esther n
after many experience yes some do die but with lots of hope there are chances that lucky patients do survive.

Sometimes, if the tumor is inoperable.

Some patients do die from brain tumors. It depends on if it is one that can be surgically removed or not. It also depends on whether the tumor has spread to other areas of the body and if the tumor is actually cancerous or if it is benign. (meaning non-cancerous)

Don W
Like all cancers it depends on the type of tumor.

It depends on where the brain tumor is and what it is caused by.

Some brain tumors are called primary brain tumors. It means they arise in the brain or neurological tissues directly. Some are very fast growing and can be dangerous as the skull is a fixed box, in other words, it does not expand. As the tumor gets larger it essentially pushes on the brain and raises the pressure your blood must be to get enough blood into the brain. If the pressure gets to high the brain pushes downward through the base and can damage the respiratory centers and the most primitve and functional parts of the brain causing brain death.

Other tumors are considered metastatic which means they originated from a different type of tissue.

There are some people with a benign brain tumor that can be removed if not over a critical region of the brain of if not growing and invadiing the brain can be left alone and they do ok.

It really depends on what kind of tumor it is, where it is and how fast it is growing.

Not always. My grandmother has had 4 cancerous brain tumors removed (all seperate times and seperate surgeries) in the past 15 years and she's just fine. I have a friend who had a cancerous brain tumor removed about a year ago and she's just fine as well. A lot depends on the type of tumor, where it is, if they can operate, how large it is, how long you've had it, and so many other factors.

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