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Can you get lung cancer after only 4 years of smoking?

Rob G
Yes, you can get lung cancer from never smoking at all, but 4 years yes, its a possibility

Yes you can get lung cancer even if you don't smoke.... But smoking makes your odds even higher. so best you quit... plus there other illnesses you can get like emphysema

Loves Van Halen
You can get lung cancer even if you don't smoke. the weird thing is, i've heard of a lot more people that haven't smoked and gotten lung cancer, than people who do smoke. how about that logic?

Doctor Foo
a smoker can smoke for 50 years and not get lung cancer. A non smoker can get lung cancer. Smoking increases the odds of getting lung cancer and quitting now increases the odds of not getting it.

yes .

Yes, smoking is not the only cause of lung cancer, thus, you can get it after no years of smoking.


scott A
you can get lung cancer if you never smoked.

My mom wasn't a smoker, and she died of Lung Cancer. So, you can get it even if you don't smoke, but smoking definitely increases the risk. You can't erase the 4 years, but you can decide not to make it any longer than that.

You can get lung cancer even if you don't smoke at all, but it seems to up the odds.

Remember Dana Reeve? Christopher Reeve's widow? Well she died from lung cancer and had never smoked. They are seeing more cases recently of this. Actually though to answer your question, I wouldn't think just 4 years of smoking would vastly increase your chance of cancer but smoking AT ALL increases your risk. Of course there are always exceptions and it certainly wouldn't be impossible to have cancer. My advice? Quit if at all possible. Best of luck!

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