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 Please tell me this !?
wht r the symtoms of brest cancer plz tel me every thing!!!!!...

 If someone just announced that they have cancer, what is an appropriate response?

 I went to the doctors on Friday and found out I might have liver cancer?
Should I tell my wife or should I just leave it because she is leaving me any way. I don’t want here to feel sorry for me and stay. What should I do?
Additional Details
go on monday ...

 Secondary bone cancer, how long do you have left after initial diagnosis?
one of my relatives has been diagnosed with secondary bone cancer (from the breast). She found out when her hip broke back in june this year. she then had a full body x-ray scan, which showed the ...

 Breast cancer family history question?
My grandma died about 14 years ago from breast cancer, she was about 65, my mom died last summer at the age of 52 after having breast cancer for nine years. I had my first mammogram last year at the ...

 Lump on lower back,?
My fiancee has a small, hard, pea-sized lump at the base of her spine, on the left. It is the same colour as her skin, and it is painful if pressed.
She's had it for about 3 weeks.

 Do you think there exists a cure for Cancer?
I have heard it said that we have a cure for cancer, but the powers keep it hidden for the simple reason of massive overpopulation. Why is there no cancer in the royal family?...

 I remember my dad's last days alive, dying of colon cancer. He had accepted it and waited for the end.?
How will you face death? Will you rage against the dying of the light or go out with a whimper and not a bang?...

 Would you marry a cancer survivor?
I’ve been with Noah for about 18 months now and things have just been unbelievable during that time. He’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a guy and more and makes me happier than I’ve ever ...

 Why we don't have a cure for cancer yet. Multiple choice?
1, Not anoff money into reserch

2, people are dumb cant find a cure

3, they lookin in the rong place for a cure

4 pahrmceutical companys stand to ...

 Is colostomy dangerous?

 Is it possible to have colon cancer at 19 years old?
I looked up the symptoms and i have them all, but im 19 so im just wondering. anyone know?...im a ...

 If chemotherapy causes you to lose the hair on your head do you lose all other body hair too?
genuine question


 HOW WOULD YOU LOOK AT LIFE? - request serious replies please?
If you were diagnosed with oral cancer six years ago in its last stages and were not given much of a chance to survive and yet you did come out of it. In the process, however, you lost your voice ( ...

 I've smoked from age 19-23, but I've quit now, what are my chances of getting lung cancer?

 Can you die of lung cancer that goes untreated?

Additional Details
let me clarify... is it guaranteed you'll die from it if left untreated? Im asking because I know someone who is in prison and has lung cancer and it's not ...

 My boyfriend is 21 and has had cancer for 6 years but doesnt kno wut kind & wont go to the doctor wut do i do?
we have dated for almost a year very much in love and care for eachother alot and the only symptom i can think of that he has is his body is 4 years behind pueberty but i love him and want to help ...

 Please help , it's a matter of life or death?
can a girl have breast cancer if she's just 18? what are the symptoms?...

 Liver Cancer?
A freind of mine has just been told she has tumor on her liver. 0 Has any one had any experience with this and what was the outcome?

I am really worried for her, apparently they have found ...

 Can incense sticks cause cancer?
I loved burning them.. until I found a pack where it read like in ciggarette boxes (MAY CAUSE CANCER). I want to know if it has been scientifically proved that it does cause harm? Or is it just a ...

Can you die from Testicular cancer?

yes it has happened to my tutors son


I think so

Jim C
yes of course you can because it spreads through your body, but it is one of the most treatable cancers there is so there's no reason for anyone to die from it

mona lisa

yes you can so go to the doctor early so you could get treatment otherwise it would spread to another part of the body.

Like any cancer if left untreated and it spreads, death is the usual prognosis

Unfortunately, there is more than one type of testicular cancer . . many people do not realize this . . so even though the more common forms of Testicular cancer are treatable . . there are some that are aggressive and deadly. I know a young man who died from a primary testicular sarcoma . . he was in remission for two years, had a relapse, and the cancer progressed too fast for the treatment. I also know a young teenager who is currently in remission for testicular cancer . . he also has an aggressive case . . he had surgery to remove the first tumor and within two weeks the tumor regrew in the same spot. He underwent chemotherapy and radiation and is currently back in high school and doing well.

Cancer cannot be underestimated. Take no chances with your life.

yes because if not treated in time it will spread elsewhere

Only if a man did not get checked for this and then only if the cancer has spread beyond the testes.

If left untreated. Prognosis with treatment is generally good.


Here there and everywhere
Is there any kind of cancer that you can't die from?

yes because if not treated in time it will spread elsewhere

I just read your later question about this, and you are doing the right thing in going to the doctors now. Good luck, I'm sure you will be fine.

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