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 How do I deal with my aunt's sudden death from cancer?
I still find it very difficult to accept that she's gone forever....

 Chemotherapy for a 70 year old colon cancer patient?
Firstly, whats the difference between CHEMOTHERAPY and RADIOTHERAPY?..

Secondly, for a 70 year old colon cancer sufferer who will be undergoing chemotherapy, what effects should we expect? ...

 Does a mri scan show if a person has a cyst or cancer?
i have a pelvic mass and been for a mri scan What will mri ...

 Does Bottled Water left in Automobile really cause Breast Cancer?????

 Did you or do you have cancer?
I had thyroid cancer which was removed last year. I was wondering if you have had cancer and if so are you in remission and what kind of cancer did you have?
Additional Details
Do you ...

 What is the chance of surviving blood cancer?
please help....

 Is is possilble to get cancer by peeling off your skin after a sunburn?

 How does HPV cause cervical cancer?
Human Papillomavirus = HPV.

please list websites if possible....

 Should sunbeds be banned?
I started going on the sunbed maybe twice a week from the age of 17-20 at this point i started to get white patches and fained when i went on (even if i only did 3 mins) so i stopped. About the same ...

 Bottled water in your car.....very dangerous??? Is this true???
i received an email from my friend...did anyone else get this? is this for real?

ā€¯Bottled water in your car.....very dangerous!!!!
This is how Sheryl Crow got breast cancer. She was ...

 Good rock n roll fight cancer slogan?
Our Relay for Life event has a rock n roll theme this year and I would like to have a slogan that has both rock n roll and fight cancer message in it. Could anyone provide some please?...

 Do i have cancer?
hi im 13 and wen i was 2 i had cancer im 11 years of cancer free but every year i go in and they check and see and idk y but i feel that i have cancer and im scared wut r signs of cancer? i dont feel ...

 If i wear sunscreen, is there any chance of me getting skin cancer?
i want to tan abit because summers coming, and i went outside for about 15 mins yeasterday and i put sun screen all over my body, but im so paranoid that ill get skin cancer!

If i wear ...

 Howmany bone in the human body?????

 Is there any evidence of dogs being able to smell some illnesses like cancer?

Additional Details
My dog hides from my step dad - who has a tumor in his liver, but he's doing well. My mam was saying she (the dog) can smell the tumor, so she must be right....

 My child has had low iron levels for more than 1 year and a pale face. Does this mean that she has leukemia?
She is 3 and WIC said that she was anemic. Her face sometimes looks pale to me, she acts normal, eats well (most of the time) and loves to play all day. I always worry that she has leukemia. I am ...

 If your Doctor told you that you had six month's to live,how would like to spend them ?
Life can be ?
Additional Details
Thanks Black Rose !But I lost mine many year's ago! But as for you hold on to for as long as you can.Thanks for the Laugh.Your so sweet !...

 I am a 26 yowf and my mom has been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer!?
She was diagnosed a few years ago but recently she is getting worse. Her cancer has spread all over her body. She stays at home all day by herself sleeping. I work full time to make ends meet. I want ...

 Do i have cancer? i want to avoid going to a doctor...?
about 2 years ago i had an abortion and ever since i randomly get this crust that appears on my nipple. i was reading some things about what you look for when you do self check ups for breast cancer.....

 Kevin Trudeau states in one of his books that there is a cure for cancer?
He states that someone knows the cure for cancer, but he is being harassed by the big wigs in the pharmaceutical industry. If cancer is cured then the big wigs loose millions or billions of dollars ...

Can someone with cancer get a tattoo?
I heard that you can't get tattoos when you have cancer, because of the thinning of blood. Is that true? Please state references. I'm not willing to go off of personal opinions.

Jo D
heck get what ever you want you or they deserve it! but seriously it depends on your treatment you could get an infection because your immune is low due to your illness and treatment

yea you can

Some cancer patients actually get tattooed at the hospital as part of their treatment when undergoing some types of spot radiation. They are usually tiny little dot tattoos that help the doctors who administer the radiation get the equipment lined up correctly.

it would depend on your treatment and the type of cancer- ask your doctor. lol and dont take the first peron's advice and ask the tattoo parlor...

Lewis A
It is true that if they currently are recieving treatment for cancer a tattoo is not recomended. Chemo therapy greatly reduces the bodies ability to heal, and fend off infections. This is because chemo is not site specific, but infact attacks all of your bodie, hense loosing your hair, and feeling like you are going to die. If you went out to get a tattoo, the chances of infection, or excessive blood loss are very very high.

Your best source of RELIABLE information on this issue would be the doctor that is treating you. Some cancer treatments compromise the immune system so I suppose that means an increased chance of infection.

I think that the easiest thing to do would be to call the tattoo shop and ask them. Let them know what meds your on, and see what they say.

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