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 What help is available for cancer patient without insurance?
53 y.o. male in Texas newly diagnosed with lymphoma. Unemployed. No insurance. Please help....

 Can a blood and urine test determine whether or not a person has breast cancer?
It may sound like I am putting my personal business out there but I have to know the answer to this question. I am 26 years old and just found out this week from my doctors office that I have been ...

 Can a person go home on a Respirator /ventalator for lung cancer with a house full of mold?

 Is it breast cancer?
i got something small a bit black like a mole on my breast near my nip too....
is it possible become cancer?
its not hurt at all..
please reply soon........

 My mom has a mass on L-5 of her spine can this be anyting besides a tumor?
please no funny answers. yes she is seeing a doctor and is going to take a mri but i want to get basic idea as to what this might be so i can prepare myself. i will not be sharing my findings from ...

 First symptoms of leukemia?
What are the first symptoms of leukemia? Do you get the fever and chills first? Do the petechiae just come suddenly or do they multiply gradually?...

 Cancer Disease is a great illness so ,what is best medicine Herbal Or alopathy?
please reply to my my e-mail id

 Dangers of radiology?
i want to be a radiologist. However, is ther any signifigant dangers in working there? Some people say I can get radiation, and cancer. Also, what is the job specifically? How much do they get ...

 Is the good old English fry up going to give you cancer?
or will the 'experts' change their minds next week, again, as usual?


 Would surgeons ever be able to transplant a whole human head from a donor to a recipient with terminal cancer?
Imagine a boxing champion with Alzheimer disease and a Noble prize winner with a deadly lung cancer, can surgeons ever implant the head of the first into the body of the second and what would the new ...

 Lymph node in my armpit?
A little over 6 months ago I found a lump in my left breast. I got mammograms and ultrasound (us only on left breast) and an FNA done on the lump, and while the lump didn't show up very well on ...

 My dad has cancer how can i help around the house?
my dad has cancer in is stomache and it can progress quickly so he has to do kemo and radition! what can i do to help around the house to young for a job!!!!! HHHELP!...

 Wat are the symptoms of lung cancer?
does it include more than wheezing. wat is the diagnosis and cure if ...

 I'm only 18! Could these be signs of breast cancer?
Well, on my right breast, I have this small little scaly-like bump that is red.

I've also noticed blue veins particularily surrounding both nipple areas.

Sometimes (2-3 ...

 Our Company knowingly and willingly exposed its employees to asbestos? Is this ground for a lawsuit?
I currently work for a construction company. My job is to unload a truck full of waste materials from the work of the prior day. I do this every morning. I just learned that the waste materials I ...

 Cancer from noodles?
has anyone but me ever thought that cancer might just come from the steam that comes up when you pour your noodles into the strainer?
Additional Details
i didnt say it would cause it, ...

 What is causing cancer? How to avoid it?

 Throat Cancer - Life Expectancy?
Hi there,
My dad was diagnosed last year with throat cancer,i dont know what exactly it is,there is a lump or some sort of knot which is under or behind his tongue,he cant eat anything or ...

 Help Please???????
Is it possible for a 12 year old to get breast cancer??...

 Is it dangerous for an unborn child if the mother is frequently around a man undergoing chemotherapy? ?
asking this for my aunt, all answers welcome....

Can breast cancer lumps show up in the armpit?
AND are lumps supposed to be visible or invisible?


they shouldn't...... and where in the armpit?
they ARE visible, but should normally show up on the actual breast itself......

Breast cancer can cause lymph nodes under the arm to swell. If you have a lump big enough to feel, get it checked ASAP. Don't mess around. Best wishes.

I just saw the homework note. I hope that means you're OK. Lymphoma can also cause lymph nodes under the arm to swell. Here's the best info on that:

Yes--They certainly can show up under the armpit and may be invisible.

If you feel a lump in your armpit while checking for lumps in the breast, the cancer or benign cancer could have gone into the lymph nodes in the armpit. My grandmother had breast cancer and had one breast removed as well as her lymph nodes in her armpit.

Lumps and not visible (except on a mammogram)- that is why women and some men are recommended to do self breast exams to push and poke to see if they feel irregularities in the breast tissues.

for more information, check out http://www.breastcancer.org/

Yes -- and not just lymph nodes. There is a "tail" of actual breast tissue that extends diagonally from the breast into the axilla (fancy name for armpit area). See the picture in this source link:

Lumps can be visible (rare) or invisible (but feelable). Sometimes the visible signs of a lump are actually retractions or puckering of the skin.

Breast cancer cells can be found in the lymph nodes (which are generally in the armpit). These are not visible and many times are not even palpable (able to be felt). When a patient has breast cancer, the surgeon takes small biopsies of the lymph glands to determine if the breast cancer has spread to the lymph glands. The doctors need to know this before recommendation can be made with regard to the treatment of the breast cancer -- e.g. radiation and/or chemotherapy following surgical removal of the tumor.

yes they can
and no they aren't always visible. sometimes they can even look like a dimple.

yes they can in the lymph nodes

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