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 How long do people have to live once told they have non curable bowel cancer?
my grandad was recently told he has bowel cancer and that it is to far gone to be treated any1 have any ideas of how long he may have left 2 ...

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My cousin is recovering from leukemia. He's had chemo and a bone marrow transplant which has worked, so he's getting better. I'm supposed to meet up with him this weekend as I haven...

 How can a person avoid losig her hair is she is having chemotherapy?

 Lump on Neck?
I'm fifteen years old. I've had a tiny lump on mmy neck for a little over a month now. It's on the side of my neck, and I don't know what to do. I've been to the doctor, ...

 Despite the risks of cancer,if I take up drinking and smoking will people perceive me as ......?
....a more fun loving and interesting person?...

 How harmful can secondhand smoke from marijuana be to pets?
I dont mean blowing it directly in their face, but just in general, if they happened to be around it, how harmful can it be? I know that secondhand cigarette smoke can cause pet cancer.

 My mother has skin cancer?
My mom has skin cancer and I'm really scared. She had skin cancer right below her nose, and got that treated. Now she has it on her forehead. Should I be worried? The last time she got her skin ...

 Is leukemia a type of cancer?
just want to make sure I am ...

 If lump on your breast is rectangular in shape, feels mushy, and does not hurt is it cancerous or what is it?

 Do you know someone with cancer or someone who has passed away from it?
it runs in both sides of my family and i see that it is becoming more and more common. really not good....

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Do you ever dwell on getting cancer? Why? Why not?...

 Will we ever succesfull to find a cure for cancer..??

 What can you do when you found out have a cancer?

 I heard,using deoderants in the under arms causes cancer(or breast cancer). is that true?

 Can a woman have prostate cancer?
i dont know if it sounds stupid but just want to know....

 How can a guy die from ovarian cancer if men don't have ovaries?
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 What is cervical cancer ?

 Bump near my armpit..worry?
there's this small bump on the outward side of my armpit. its dark red colored maybe a mole? im only 17 i shouldnt have to worry about breastcancer? it runs in my family though....

Can I get paid by the State for taking care of my mother who has Cancer?
I had to quit my job to care for my mom who has stage 4 pancreatic cancer and I was wondering if the State had a program to pay me to take care of her. If anyone knows anything about the State of California rules relating to this I would really appreciate the input. Thank you!

I don’t see why it should be the taxpayer’s responsibility to pay you to take care of your own mother. That is what FMLA and unemployment is for.

i think you need to get licensed before you get any money..

I am almost certain that you get some sort of payment

In the uk I get cares allowance- ask her doctor
Disability Living Allowance is what the ill person claims themself

Dean C
There may be some help for you but it would depend on the state. I would think California would have such a program.There also may be something from SSI that you could get on,

I think only your Mother would recieve medicade and state benifits. Check with your Social Security and unemployment office.....

jamie c
yes you get some sort of money for carring for her like benafits. sorry your mum has cancer.

Barry M
Here is a link for the State of California's assistance to people on SSI. I am not sure if you qualify to be paid, but they do have additional assistance for your mother.

Make sure you specifically check the provision titled: "Nonmedical out-of-home care, living in the household of another." I am not an expert, but I believe that clause applies to your situation. Good luck and sorry to hear about your mother's problems.


If your mom is on SSI or eligible for that program, then you could possibly get some payment for caring for her. Check with your county department of human services or social services. It will have a name something like that. There would be a department that could discuss this with you.

Here in Canada, you can!
It should not be different there!

Sorry for your Mom and you!
Take care of you too!
God bless!

You can in the UK so i dont see why it would be different there

There is the in-home supportive services program but your mom would have to qualify based on financial need. Check also with EDD to see if unemployment for family medical leave is possible.

Cindi W
I work for Medicaid in NJ.

At one time our state had a program that allowed patients to hire and pay for their own home health care (which could include a family member) But, this took many months to arrange and it was really meant for chronic cases---like those who had Quadraplegia.

Hospice Services is probably the best way to go at this time. They will provide home care and nursing services. You can arrange this through a hospital or a local Hospice agency. The cost are covered by Medicare and most insurance plans.

Your best bet is to contact your local Board of Social Services/ County Welfare Agency and ask what, if any programs your mom would qualify for.

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