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A cat scan shows I have a tumor on my left kidney. The doctor says it is about 90% chance it will be cancer.?
He is setting up an appointment with a uroligist. This is all new to me. Anyone been through this? thanks

Before you let them put you through any radiation therapy or chemo, you might want to go to a website:



Diana D
Hi Sweetie,
Not that, but close as that was the #1 that ws Dr. talking, #2 not the results, #3 u can live a normal life, with just 1 kidney! lol A Dr. will & can u up 4 the worst case scenerio, some feel its their job, other's kindness, support, & hopes 4 u, cancer being the last scenerio, go figure? I'd LOVE to prove him wrong with lots of prayers, he's Wrong, as I'd like 2 hear 99%
I'm right from this Twang Dr. instead he has to get u all upset with a 90%. lol What is 90% opposed to saying 99%?
I've been through the Mill with diagnoses like
U have Fibromyalgia, Dr. think it's Ostio-Arthritis, Specialist yes 65% of r body, Dr. u may have a nerve damage? Specialist u have Sciatica. That's the way the Health Brd
of Canada works anyway. Plse remember if
it is cancer, asking the Dr. instead of the part of Cancer being removed & a possible reaccurance, can the kidney be removed, & be done with it all? As u don't need 2. lol
All My Best to U & R Results,
LOL, Diana D

Haven't been through it, but you have my prayers.

Doctors aren't divine...let the tests run their course before you "count yourself out", per se.

The first thing I have to tell you is forget odds, they mean nothing because you are an individual who can not be defined by odds. what will happen is the uroligist will probably want to remove the kidney, from their it goes to a pathologist for them to determine staging. then back to the uroligist for the report and then to an oncologist for treatment options. I know this is all very scary and it all happens so fast that you seem like you cant get a grip of it, just keep strong and keep fighting. Belief you are going to be ok.
A great website for support and research is livestrong.com. They also offer a free surviorship handbook for free that is amazing and has helped me alot. Also Lance Armstrong book: It's not about the bike is very inspiring.
Hope everything will turn out great, I will pray be praying for you.

Pearl N
I'm sorry to hear this. I have tumours in my liver and am going through chemo therepy for a cancerous cyst that was removed from above my breast. They (drs) tell me it's most likely cancer but until they get a biopsy they can't be sure and they won't biopsy my liver during chemo.
What they will do is most likely biopsy the tumour and a pathologist will check to see if it's cancer or not. I really hope it's not, sometimes you can have a non cancerous tumour. And then they will remove and you will be fine. If it is cancer they will also remove it and you'll most likely be asked to do a bone scan and drink dyes and have more CT scans of your abdomin to see if metastized. I've gone through all of the scans and am now half way through chemo and still won't know about my liver until chemo and radiation is complete. I will say a prayer for you and I really hope it's just your run of the mill tumour. Good luck and God Bless

Grant M
yes but they finally did a biopy of my kidney and thats when it was confirmed....

My son is 5 yrs old. At 3 1/2 we found a tumor, the size of a small cantalope, on his left kidney. Within 36hrs. he was in surgery to remove the kidney, tumor, some lymph nodes, a portoin of the renal vein and some back muscle (the tumor had adhered too, but not invaded, the muscle). He was in the hospital 9 days. Treatment was 6 rounds of radiation and approx. 6 months of chemotherapy.

We were never sent to a urologist. My son was immediately sent to a surgeon.

For the record he had a stage 3, favorable histology, Wilms Tumor. Wilms is normally only found in children. There are other kidney cancers that adults are diagnosed with.

He will not know until he does a biopsy which is a long 4mm tube with small nippers that come out and snip a piece of tissue from kidney . It smarts but gives local anesthesia you are coherent ,during this they will numb you and sedate you and plan on an overnight stay(short) in the hospital. The lab will test if it is "benign" your a lucky person. Malignant is cancerous. you will be opted for chemo,radiation & if that does not work thats why god gave 2 too us. You have a nephrectomy of one unless it spreads which is reffered too as metastisisized (Moved). The biopsy is painful aferwards but they (if human will prescribe a scrpt of oxy or hyrdocodone). 2 days later you'll just have a small puncture& no pain. Just worry about the metastitsization into you blood/lymph. I have 4 th stage diffuse proliferative nephritis which means chemo for me. And if that fails dialysis. may my or our lord be with you and I shall pray for you and you ppl. love & respect P.S talk to your doctor about why a urologist and not a nephrologist(kidney dr.) Please dont tear yourself up until he gives you a death date which may very well not be givin b/c/ remember even if you loose both kidneys you can get a transplant . Keep your head up & mind open and dr's are not always right nut Im afraid scans and esp. MRI's are believe those.

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