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Why is cranberry juice good 4 a uti?
i have a uti and ppl say cranberry juice is good 4 1 why?

Cranberry juice is NOT good for a UTI. In fact it can make it worse. Cranberry juice is though, oddly, good for the prevention of UTI's if you are prone to them.

Cranberry juice changes the acidity of your urine. It doesn't cure the infection, but it sure burns less. Drinking the juice will cut down on the irritation and inflammation of the bladder and urethrae, so helping you to get better faster. Take the WHOLE course of antibiotics, even when you feel better, or the infection will build up a resistance and return with a vengeance.

Look after yourself and I hope you get better soon.

It has lots of vitamin C and recent research suggests it contain an antibiotic effect which helps to fight infections.

Cranberry is good for making the urine more acid, but if it doesn't work for you (as it doesn't for me), try the herb Uva Ursi. This seem to work really well, because it makes the urine more alkaline. Too far in either direction kills bacteria, and my system seems to be more alkaline than acid. Haven't had a problem in the 3 years since my ob/gyn told me about this.

Sinead G
because it neutralises the acid that causes that horrible burning pain when you pee - it soothes the whole urinary Tract as a result and allows you to flush out the infection much less painfully and more quickly. i feel for ya chick! also take Uva Ursi - it is the best treatment i have ever taken for uti. you can get it as a tincture in most chemists and trust me it's fantastic!
if it hasn't shifted in 24/36 hours, go to the doc!

i want to resond to what blondiet's answer says because theres so much good info here alrady given except: e. coli isnt the only thing can cause uti's. there are lots of other culprits including staph bacteria that safely live on our skin every day. there are lots of obscure nasty things that can cause recurrent uti's and a good doctor should do a urine culture to find out which 1 or more bacteria are present, and match it with the correct antibiotic if needed. different antibiotics are better for certain bacteria. i too find cranburry juice helpful, and also i eat more yogurt, i dont know if the yogurt helps but i feel like ti puts back some of the good bacteria that antibiotics can kill.

Karina 7
The bacteria that causes a UTI usually multilpy in the bladder by attatching themselves to the bladderwall with things that look like 'legs' under a microscope. Cranberry juice is good for a UTI because there is something in it which destroys these 'legs' therefore preventing the bacteria from attatching themselves to the bladderwall and hence get flushed out of the bladder in the urine. However, I also read somewhere that too much Cranberry juice can cause an increase in the amount of bacteria present in the bladder as the particular sugar in it creates a better environment for them to multiply. I'm not sure about this but I used to suffer with UTI's and i must admit that Cranberry juice has really sorted out the problem for me.

Cranberry juice contains a natural sugar called "D-Mannose", which prevents the bacteria which cause the infection from adhering to the bladder walls, and to be flushed out in the urine.

I have used Cranberry juice several times when I feel a UTI coming on, and it works like a charm. Just make sure you buy pure, UNSWEETENED Cranberry juice. If you use the sweetened kind it will not work as well at all.

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