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to tell my parents if they find an illegal drug is a blood or urine test? I am 17. Or is it my business only?


and that drug would be weed.

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Whats more dangerous? Weed or cigerettes?
Need to know

super s
it is both dangers for health but weed is more dangers, another informaion go on www.freewebs.com/nehachaubey u can perchase many things form this site it is safe

I personally think weed because I would rather have lung cancer than have no brain cells left

Kelly P
cigs cause lung and heart disease and weed causes mental illness in later life.

they're both the same thing, only weed give you a better feeling

Since you know they are both dangerous,and are questioning the degree of danger, the best answer would be : do not smoke weed and do not smoke cigarettes. Or anything else, in order to avoid any danger from any substance. Be smoke free.

Megan N
Cigs are because of the health issue with tar and chemicals that is in them. Weed is because of the mind altering effects it has on a person.

I would have to say cigerettes for health (have you any met someone with lung cancer, scary) , Weed for one day turning you into a burn out. Just don't do either.

Cigerettes are definatly more dangerous, they cause more damage and a hell of a lot faster,You cant O.D on weed, its for medicinal purposes, docters reccomend it, they never reccoment smoking.People die of lung cancer not slight paranoia in later life.

well cigarettes because the other is not man-made in a factory by a big MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION.


which do you prefer, schizophrenia or emphysema?

Marley Sunshine
unless the weed is laced with thousands of dangerous chemicals, I should think that its safe.

not to mention its what babylon uses to keep the people too doped to see reality, and it doesnt cause religious experiences.

Ciggarettes because they contain a lot of chemicals. Weed is just...weed. Ciggs kill 400,000 something people a year, while the amount of deaths due to marijuana smoking alone remain at 0. -_-

Lexi Y
Although I do not condone either...I would have to say cigarettes are worse because you smoke them more frequently. However, despite the fact that there are less poisons in marijuana you still smoke it without any kind of filters.

Red Riding Hood
Smoking Cigerettes and Smoking Weed, the common thing in both is SMOKING.
Can't get any worse, or could it.

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