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What kind of vitamins can i take to help me sleep better??
what can i take to make me sleep more peacefully and wake up feeling energized? im looking for like VITAMINS not drugs of any kind

Melatonin supplements are definitely the way to go.

Kevin A
Check out: http://healthsupplements1.blogspot.com They have good information and products for a healthy lifestyle.


Jamie R
You can take Melatonin. It is a natural way to fall asleep, You already have it in your body but maybe you don't produce enough of it.

♥♥ ĎᵲέӚϻ_ῬѓїЍϚ€$Ṧ ♥♥
take Multi-Vitamins like Surbex t

If you insist on it being a vitamin then Magnesium would do it.
But a natural herb would be Valerian root

Go to the Web Site at www.theroadback.org/workbook.htm and click the links on that page.

I am guessing if they can help people with insomnia that are on drugs that cause anxiety, it will probably work even better if not on a drug

Nutritional Brewers Yeast is full of the B vitamins, protein, etc. A lack of B vitamins will keep you awake. Too much will do the same thing. That is why the Brewers Yeast is best. Too much won't have that effect. If your body has sufficient B's you will sleep better. If you are experiencing cramping, then a Calcium/Magnesium capsule is best. Remember in vitamins and minerals, capsules are better than tablets. Easier to digest and assimilate. Unsulphured Black Strap Molasses is high in Potassium, and some iron and Calcium, but in organic form. Organic iron for example is far more digestible than the typical iron found in vitamins. Inorganic iron, you only digest about 18%.
Organic has a carbon molecule and inorganic doesn't. Anything living is organic, and rocks and coral, etc are inorganic. Anything living has enzymes, inorganic does not. Enzymes get killed out of food with processing and heat over 120 degrees of cooking. Enzymes are vital for life. When you are young you don't have to worry. This becomes an issue when you get older, in your fifties or so.

Any seasonal fruit one or two 1 hour before sleep should make you sleep better.
Milk too is good according to ayurveda before sleep.

I'm not sure about vitamins, but I read an article that if you eat a kiwi fruit hours before bed time it helps you sleep better at night. Or you can drink Chamomile tea

Fresh and Funky
the vitamins will in the long run become addictive too so i would recomend them. Try drinking warm milk 10 minutes to sleeping time.avoid caffeine products before sleeping as these will just energize u.
also you could go to bed 30 minutes earlier, switch off the lights, the radio, tv and wind down quietly till sleep overtakes.this may not work out the first day but in 3 days' time the body will have adjusted and you will be on your way to peaceful sleep
Oh, dont forget to pray!

.:♥ K3LiN♥:.
try vitamin b5 and b6 and b12 and drink Chamomile tea before bed time and that should do it . xj

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