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What kind of pills can i buy from wal-mart to past a drug test and will clean me up?

Mac Attack
Probably no pills from wal-mart, try your nearest health retailer where you can purchase charcoal powder (or maybe you can get it in pill form). Charcoal removes any poisons from your body. Good luck.

harley w
go on the net or a head shop and get this stuff called Quick fix?? its fake pee in a bottle its like 45.00 maybe called Quick clean it works its not your pee it has a temp strip on it you heat it up in micro oven for ten seconds maybe its called quick fix but its a sure thing it worked for me many times you can also use it over if you don't get checked put a hand warmer around it if it will be hours before your test and you cant get to a microwave oven

Here is a ideal, try not using drugs.

and I hope you fail.

Barb P
I have heard Milk Thistle will do it.

Albert Einstein
I once heard an ancient Chinese proverb that says...

Drugs are for idiots that are too stupid to know any better

Assuming you are referring to pot. There is no pill. There is no tonic. There is no herbal remedy. Once upon a time, you could take certain herbs for long periods of time without smoking but the tests have been adjusted to see these masks. There are items on the market said to work ... they don't. Either hand somebody a large-denomination bill or forget the buzz. Should note that, if an employer wants you bad enough, the test results may mysteriously disappear.

You can't at Wal-Mart.

You might want to try quitting doing drugs altogether, then you won't have that problem.

However, since it's obviously too late, try a head shop.

How about NOT doing drugs?

I'm a nurse. First you can buy medication from a music/adult store for this citrus like drink to give you a negative drug test. Please be advised this is only for a urine screen. Follow the directions and you will only be clean (false clean) for only five hours. I am unaware of it being sold at Walmart. Any other medication will only start the cleaning process, but you test will remain positive. Patients have told me also that they have to drink plenty of water. The drink isn't cheap, it's 50.00 dollars a bottle, but it works. I hope this helps you.

There aren't any. Time is your best hope. Pot stays in your system longer then any other drug. It is stored in your fat cells. Drink a lot of liquids and try to flush your system out.

Nothing.......Clean up your act. They will tell you anything to sell you the s**t.
It depends on what you took, smoked, etc. and how often will also determine how long it will stay in your system.
DID YOU KNOW that a HAIR sample will show drugs of ALL kinds for 2 years if tested even if blood and urine don't.

Sorry, if you think I'm harsh to say this; however, don't you think this is being deceitful in trying to cover up drug usage? The best way that I can tell you is to quit the drugs. I know this is probably easier said than done. However drugs can ruin yours and your family's lives.

None. These drugs are hard on the liver and kidneys. You are asking for more problems. Get clean, stay clean and then you have nothing to worry about.

To the nurse above...what the blank are you thinking? A nurse is supposed to care about the health and best of the patient...not enable them to use drugs. You do not deserve to have a license.

Nunya M
From Wal-Mart? They won't even redeem scratch tickets becuase Sam didn't believe that they were wholesome... Try www.testclear.com

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