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 Enema. What type of soap should be used ? Constipated real bad.?

 What should be the name for my new juice parlour??
kindly suggest the name that i should keep for my chain of juice ...

 I am a longterm sufferer of agoraphobia and want to know ....?
is it worth trying REIKI? i am sick of antidepressents and counselling as its done nothing for me! i am sick of being stuck on benefits and want to make a decent life for me and my daughter! any help ...

 What are some ways to get weed out of your system before 30 days?
I've heard people use lots of vinegar and water, Sonnies, Ready Clean, and a cap of clorox diluted by a tall glass of milk.What are some other home remedies or "cheap ones"......

 Do u have faith on Aurvedic Medicine.R they r better than Allopathic Medicines.?
what is cough pitah&all that etc....

 What is the best over the counter sleep aid?
I have insomnia and I NEED HELP!...

 Is there a natural alternative to Ritalin or similar ADD medication, to aid in concentration?

 With what should I google with so that my red sore throat stops hurting?

 Treating nervousness?
for someone who gets very nervous in social situations and has panic attacks whats best non prescribed remedy?...

 I am 17 years old.how can i increase my height?

 I need to sing 2 days later, but my voice is kind of gone?
I need to sing 2 days later, but my voice is kind of gone because I went to party 2 days ago... What can I do to regain my voice asap, which means before 2 days? I'm singing in public, by the ...

 A bit of unsavoury question but here goes. A friend of mine has had colonic inrrigation?
and commented after the procedure that she has never felt so well in her life. Q: Is there a product that will shift the compressed waste that sits in almost everyones colon instead of resorting to ...

 Is there a good herbal or natural remedy for a sinus cold or a sinus infection?
I am alergic to the stimulants in regular Sinus Cold medecines....

 What are the strongest energy pill there is?
Im looking for an herbal pill or something similar. I used to take ephedra before it was banned. Im always tired and have very low energy. Im looking for something they sell at walgreens or something....

 Anyone who cured Arthritis with diet?
I am looking to find somewhere I can connect with like minded people who didn't take ...

 Lortab/Vicodin question?
I am taking pain medicine for back pain. I was watching the news today about how vicodin can cause breathing problems. I only take my pain meds (Lartab 7.5) as directed. Does Lortab contain the drug V...

 Where does lekumia come from how do u get it?????????
how do u get ...

 Which medication is best for kids ? Homoeopathy or Allopathy?

 I live in florida and want to go into nursing should i do cna first or just skip it?

 What do I do with my cold sore?
It's extremely small so It's not really worth any expensive-ish cold sore medicines,but it's right on the corner of my mouth so it really hurts when I talk.And I talk alot.Anyone know ...

What kind of pill is white and has a weird v on it and #s 0027?

its viagra


Unsilenced Lamb The Real One
The DEATH pill

...as a kite.
NOT ENOUGH INFO!! What is the shape of the pill? Is there any scoring on the pill?

Oh, nevermind. Here, here ya go.


ecstasy, my dear watson

There is no registered medication that has those markings

id take it to walgreens ...they'd know

IT IS Acetaminophen 325mg

Chocolate Thunder
It is Acetaminophen 325 mg
It's a Generic form of Tylenol

Acetaminophen 325mg. It's generic for Tylenol.

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