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 If I only take one vitamin/supplement a day, which one should I take?
What do you consider to be the best vitamin/supplement? Just for general health and preventing disease? Please state why also.
I really believe in natural/organic stuff but there is so much ...

 What natural way can i whiten my teeth/serious responses only thanks?
i have tried some of the store whiteners and i wasted lots of money and i dont want to have to pay a dentist money since i have just gone like 4 months ago for my cleaning....

 What soft drink has the highest level of caffeine in it?
i can only skate well when i am almost overdosing on ...

 I smoke weed, how do I NOT, get the black stuff on my lips?

 What is your favourite herbal tea? Is it medicinal or just a pleasure drink? Or is it both?
I will tell you my favourite herbal tea later! ( those that don't believe in herbs.. those closed minds need not answer this question!) What is your Favourite herbal tea?
Additional D...

 How do i fix a sore throat?????
i really need help, i just got a sore throat and i need to know how to make it better. ...

 High from eatin MJ?
I bought a dime at school and i wanna know if i can get high from eating it or do i have to smoke it?
Additional Details
No its not ...

 Have you ever heard of this? Have you ever did it?
For an earache, pour some of your own urine in your ear and let it sit there for a minute. lol
Additional Details
I just heard this, ...

 Is self hypnosis safe?

 I refused a tetanus vaccination today! Was I right?
I had a physical at the doctor's today & she wanted me to update my tetanus vaccination but I refused. Did I do the right thing? I've read so much about how awful vaccinations are &...

 How to strenghthen pelvic muscles-natural remedy?

 Sunburned need help?
I need a natural way to help with my ...

 Sore Throat!!! Help!!!?
I have had it with having a sore throat! nothing is more annoying! anything that will work fast and easily that is not a pill?...

 What are some natural cures for headaches?

 Does anyone know of a natural sleep remedy?
My doctor likes to prescribe medication for my sleeplessness and I am not into medication. Medication leaves me groggy and ruins my day when I take it. Does anyone know of a non-prescription/...

 Do you think Airborne really works?

 I need a remedy for long-term nasal congestion- hard to swallow due to gunk in my throat, & blocks up my nose!
seems worse when I'm inside, anywhere with air con or heating, and after eating pretty much anything. Any ideas without long-term nasal sprays would be great!
Additional Details

 Is Homeopathy treatment effective for depression?

 I have parasites. What's a good, quick, natural way to clean out?
I feel them rumbling around in my colon, and I'm totally bloated--very painful. Help!
Additional Details
I'm in China. N...

 What is the best way to dilute demerol from your system?
Experiencing heavy hallicunations; need to get demerol of of body. Need help....

What is watson 333 pill?
What type of medication is it?

Its not your prescription....thats for sure.

Big Prich
watson makes Vicodin but I dont know what 333 is...sounds like a good time

Andria K
no idea, ann

HEY boo boo
half of a 666 pill

There are images on this site.

Sounds like Vicodin...

Visit http://search.drugs.com/imprints.php and type "Watson" in the Imprints field box without the quotes.

could be a loracet, but i think they have 5's on them


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Generic for Voltaren

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